I launched this blog in 2015 as an opportunity to spread inspiration and encouragement to new runners who hadn’t yet convinced their friends that running in the wee hours of the morning could be considered a “girls night!”  Because, just a few years prior to this blog launch, I was a new runner who desperately needed an accountability partner or two.  At 7.5 months pregnant with my third child, I decided I wanted to run a half marathon the following year – except I hadn’t run a single step since an ill-advised running class I took in college.

I trained for the that first half marathon by myself but without my best efforts.  When I crossed the finish line of my first race (about 6 weeks after my 30th birthday!), I knew I could do better following a specific plan and turned to a local training program for guidance.  The first night I stepped into that room, I was scared to death of what was ahead but I could sense that I was in the right place.  That program provided about 100 accountability partners, the wisdom of many seasoned runners more than willing to answer all of my questions and constant encouragement to never, ever give up.My desire is to create a space that can reach far beyond the walls of our training room and will provide support and motivation to those who seek it.  I have completed 2 marathons (including runDisney’s 2018 Dopey Challenge) and 20+ half marathons since 2011.  Some of my greatest joys are guiding, encouraging and witnessing someone achieve a goal they had once thought impossible.  Because, as Walt Disney so wisely taught us, “it’s kind of fun to do the impossible!” I am so excited to partner with brands who value these same ideals through projects such as these: 

  • Brand Ambassador or Race Ambassador
  • Social Media Campaigns
  • Sponsored Destination Race Reviews
  • Product Reviews
  • Event Appearance and Live Social Sharing
  • Giveaways
  • Sponsored Blog Post
  • Guest Post
  • Speaker Engagement

Got an “impossible” idea of your own?  I’d love to collaborate with you!  

For more information on any of the above, including current availability and rates, please contact me at Brandi @ javaandsole . com 

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