Wild Workout Wednesday: Need for Speed

Ode to Speed Drills

You make 4-5 miles fly by.  You give “Track Tuesday” meaning.  You make my Rest Wednesday that much sweeter.  You must be amazing because we had 16 girls show up at dark-thirty to run quarter mile repeats.  Again.  You make me breathe harder, feel stronger and run faster.  You are the best!

Sixteen ladies can’t be wrong {that’s nearly every runner in our group not on the IR!}.  Speed drills work, my friends.  You may call them Yasso’s, or intervals, or repeats but any way you shake it, they will make lower your overall pave quicker than anything else.  And it’s, somewhat unexpectedly, a great ab workout as well!

I know it’s bad lighting, and taken on a camera phone, but I just love this picture!

9.1 speed drills

We survived another week of those pesky speed drills!  Don’t they all look thrilled?!  🙂

9.1 tuesday

Another day, another selfie stick fail … funny how it never wants to work when I’m in the picture.  The minute I sat down after snapping our group photo above, I pushed the button to “test” it and it worked fine!  I think my 5am self has just broken the stick!

The result of that “test” photo … SO ready for football season!  GO COLTS!

9.1 tuesday2

Speaking of football … I had my first fantasy football draft Monday night for our family league.  My {first} all-girls league, in it’s eight year {I think}, drafts tonight and I’m commissioning a league at our church that drafts Thursday night.  I converted Summer to my football fandom frenzy last year, so she and I recruited several more Runner Girls to join so we could have an all-(RUNNER) girls league at church!!

Draft snack of champions … I hope! 

fantasy football

I’m linking up with Sarah @ Creating A Better Tomorrow, Annmarie @ The Fit Foodie Mama, Michelle @Fruition Fitness and Angelena Marie @Angelena Marie: Happy, Healthy and Balanced for their WILD WORKOUT WEDNESDAY!  

wild workout wednesday

And I’m reposting Sarah’s Squat Circuit from last week so I have something to do in between picks during the draft tonight 🙂

You Are Welcome!!


Favorite sport to watch (live or on TV)?  

If you had 5 minutes, what one exercise/group of exercises would you choose to do? Tonight, it’s squats but generally burpees or push ups!

Go-to late night snack?! Crackers and hummus 🙂

5 thoughts on “Wild Workout Wednesday: Need for Speed

  1. Summer says:

    Favorite sport to watch on TV….ALL THE FOOTBALL, If I had five minutes, squats. Favorite late night snack…shocker ….peanut butter! 😉

  2. Michelle says:

    Football now, my team has to win! Lol! Well said Summer, if I had five minutes…abs! Late night go to oh my fav almond butter! Mmmm!

  3. Donna says:

    Favorite sport to watch on TV – basketball
    5 mins – I agree….squats
    Late night snack – popcorn!

  4. 5 minutes probably abs! Great workout love the squats too

  5. Speed work really is where it’s at and hooray for football season!!! GO NYG! 😉

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