Whoa … OH NO … Uh-Oh … and Doh….

Lucky for me it’s Thinking Out Loud Thursday, randomness abounds in Amanda’s link up on Running With Spoons 🙂  You can check out my TOL post from last week here!

Well, friends, today hit “rollercoaster” status before 6am.

WHOA!  I woke up this morning already thinking about what I would order at Starbucks!  We were having a planning meeting about an upcoming race and I needed something besides my usual (tall Pike Place with cream) to soothe my sore throat.  Just as I approached the counter I knew exactly what I needed – a Chi Tea Latte :). It’s ridiculous how easily the little things make me happy some days!

Happy Happy Happy!

About a month ago, we learned an Athena Race Series was coming to Indiana! The Athena Relay is a 100-mile-race that boasts a Bloomington to West Lafayette route!! We tossed the idea out on our running page and within a couple days we had 14 girls ready to relay!

OH NO!  We had sign up sheets for who would run which legs (11 in all), and sign up sheets for food and of course we had to start designing our shirts! We decided to meet in person this morning to sort out all the details…. when we learned this Inaugural Indiana race had been cancelled due to low registration . What!? We pulled two teams of 7 together In matter of hours, but unfortunately news about this fun, new race didn’t spread as quickly as the organizers had hoped.

The Planning 🙂


To his credit, the race director was extremely apologetic about the entire thing and we are all very optimistic that this Athena race can make its début April 16, 2016 – a whole year away  🙁 – in order to make this race as memorable and worthwhile as it deserves to be.

Still super bummed about the Athena race, I hit up Trader Joe‘s for a few of my favorites … and discovered Cookie Butter Cookies!  UH-OH! It’s just like a Jo-Jo (or an Oreo) but with Cookie Butter in the middle.  Ridiculous goodness…. again, it’s the little things!  An employee was walking around passing out samples (probably because I am not the only one who would have eaten the entire tray if given the chance) and I did not buy any because they never would have made it home.  But they are out there for your snacking pleasure!

And the DOH! The coconut oil craze finally caught up to TJ’s – to ours at least.  I passed by the section where it’s normally kept to find a sign explaining that they were operating on a very limited quantity due to demand (because at $6.99 its less than half the price of any other place I have seen it) and are not sure when it will be back.  Luckily I have a full jar in the pantry… but consider yourself warned!  

Snack Poll:  Salty or Sweet?  What’s the one snack you don’t like to share? Favorite Specialty Coffee or Tea Beverage? 

2 thoughts on “Whoa … OH NO … Uh-Oh … and Doh….

  1. Summer says:

    Are you kidding me with those delicious cookies, MUST GET SOME!!!!

  2. Jen says:

    Both! Chocolate and pretzels, popcorn and m&ms…

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