What If Everybody Ran?

I know it’s late, but I found this interesting graphic on the MarathonFoto Facebook page tonight and I just had to share! I will admit to having no idea how they figured these things out … but wouldn’t it be amazing if even half of these things could happen “if everybody ran?”

What If?


According to Mizuno’s statistical analysis:

  • 20% Stronger Memory
  • Decrease of More Than 6 Million Metric Tons of Pollution
  • 29 Million Happier Marriages
  • 10% Increase in Household Earning Potential
  • Nearly 2 Billion Pounds of Total Weight Loss
  • 63 Million Happier Dogs
  • Increase of More than $47 Billion in to the National GDP
  • $130 Billion in Health Care Savings
  • 5 million Fewer Hospital Visits
  • 1.62 Billion More Birthday Cakes
  • Annual Decrease of More Than 48 Million Cigarettes Smoked

And for an inspiring example of how a seemingly individual sport like running can change lives, take a moment to check out If Everybody Ran 🙂

Now go rest those legs and check back in the morning to find out how “dark thirty” in the snow works out for these crazy Runner Girls!


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