Weekend Update: Run Forrest Run!

This weekend was kind of a lazy one around our house, which was fortunate with school starting in TWO days!  One more relaxing morning before the kids hear that dreaded “beep … beep … beep” in the morning.  And much earlier than they would like!

I am excited to be joining Tara @Running N Reading for another edition of Weekend Update!


Saturday started with a fun virtual run that we actually signed up for back in March, but it’s taken us this long to coordinate our schedules.


Our “starting line” picture!  Geri generously took over the organizing and routing for this virtual, providing us with a 3.1 mile loop that we ran three times (or less if you chose) to account for our 15K (9.3 mile) virtual run.  This also meant we had the perfect water stop/aid station for mid-race fuel!

FG start

Okay, THIS was our first start line photo.  Jenny had gifted me a selfie stick!! just a few minutes before …  this is my super excited face 🙂  Thank you Jen-nay!! {in my best Forrest Gump voice}

FG selfie stickDuring our final lap, we stopped at a local playground and managed to run all 50 states in a matter of seconds!  Amy B, Geri and Amy J are standing in their favorite states.

FG playground

We did it!  We {finally} completed our Forrest Gump 15K!  Adding to my overall race miles for the year – and adding an soft and comfy t-shirt to my collection – along with the medal that doubles as a mirror on the back and a delectable caramel-filled chocolate bar.

FG finishAnd we could think of no better way to cool off after a hot and sweaty 9 miler than by jumping in the pool – clothes and all!

FG pool

One of my favorite random pictures in a while … because we all {glitter-puffy-heart} our running shoes 🙂

And, because it’s Motivation Monday, I borrowed this graphic from our friends at Fellow Flowers.  With school starting back up and fall sports and extracurriculars threatening to overwhelm any inkling of free time we thought we had over the summer, consider this: to be a better friend/sister/daughter/wife/mom you have to carve out time for yourself too.  Even if that’s at dark thirty 🙂  Start Now.

no perfect time

What did your Saturday look like?  

When do the schools in your area start back – I know we are crazy early, but I do love our balanced calendar!

Favorite scene/line from Forrest Gump? Jenny running though the reflection pool at the Washington Monument to get to Forrest.  And the feather song during the opening credits – I have no idea why, but I love it!

2 thoughts on “Weekend Update: Run Forrest Run!

  1. Wow! School starts early! My kiddos don’t go back until Sept 8. Looks like you had fun virtual race! I like the shirt.

  2. mkadens1 says:

    Haha! Greatest race ever! So much fun! Back to school already? Not so much. Kids go back here on 8/19 which will be here soon enough. Ugh.

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