Weekend Update: Impromptu Race Day

There’s nothing like an impromptu race to liven up my weekend 🙂 

Last week was pretty busy with the kids going back to school and my trying to squeeze in an out-of-town meeting and two doctor appointments I had been waiting two months (since school had been out) to schedule.

Wednesday I ran outside, by myself, in the daylight!  Talk about a “wild” Wednesday!  Because my dark thirty run + coffee dates double as girl time, I haven’t run with music in eons … But last week was met with so many crazy emotions that I was eager to dig my headphones out for a quick run.

7.29 first dayEmotional Basket Case + Good Music = Ridiculous Fast {for me} First Mile.  I slowed back down to my comfortable pace after that before passing out on the pavement when I was finished 🙂

Friday I was back for an early morning run by moonlight.

7.31 run

So I was ready for a lazy Saturday with a long run at my leisure.  The CRG24 plan had 6 on the schedule for this weekend and a fall back/recovery week was something my tired body was looking forward to.  

butler 8k-5

Then the arm-twisting began (just kidding, girls!)  Summer and Amy had just signed up for the Tour De Campus at Butler University and pointed out that the 8K race was just 1.03 miles shy of our scheduled training run.  It’s a newer, smaller race so traffic and parking weren’t going to be an issue and the forecast looked good so, before I knew it, I had signed up to join them!

We were able to park super close to the start/finish line only about 30 minutes before the race started!  On the far left, you’ll see our car … on the far right is the start line!

butler 8k-3

Tour De Campus was the second race in the 8K Triple Crown Series hosted by Carmel Road Racing Group – the same team organizing the Indy Women’s Half next month!  {Make plans to join me and my Java & Sole Runner Girls on September 19 in downtown Indy for this fun women’s-only 5K and Half Marathon!  Register here!}

butler 8K-1

The campus is lovely, so it was no surprise that the course was beautiful as well.

butler 8k-4jpg

I think it’s safe to say we had a fantastic time, and still managed to maintain a good overall race pace even with all of our “photo op stops” 🙂 

butler 8K-2
And guess where we were today?  Back at it!  We had to wait out a storm, so we only had time for 4 of our scheduled 5 miles, but we Never Miss A Monday!  

bux 8.3

Tell me about your weekend …

Busy? Relaxing? Traveling? Celebrating? 

4 thoughts on “Weekend Update: Impromptu Race Day

  1. Jen says:

    Ah lambda lambda chi!!! Blue looks good!

    1. Java & Sole says:

      I take you know Blue well? 🙂 You should definitely join us next year Jen!

  2. Summer says:

    Loved this course! Great post Brandi!

    1. Java & Sole says:

      Thanks for signing up so I had to as well 🙂 I really loved this course – a great way to get our miles in for sure!

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