Weekend Update: 6 Miles at Sunrise

Hello again!  I hope you enjoyed the beautiful weather this weekend and were able to spend some time outside, racing, running or relaxing … 

I always look forward to linking up with Tara for her Weekend Update on Running N Reading and today is no exception.  This post is a little later than normal, but I’m so excited to share our weekend with you :)


Sunday morning was an absolutely fantastic time to run.  We met a little later than a typical weekday run and were treated to one of the brightest and most colorful sunrises I have seen in a while.

sunrise 6 miles

I would run 6 miles every single morning if I could guarantee this view during my run :)  No filter needed … no kidding!


I am thrilled to report it was warm enough to unearth my favorite running shorts from the depths of my closet and … GREEN grass!  I joked that our shoes look like Easter eggs in this picture.  I know I give a lot of love to my Brooks PureFlows, but Annette loves her Asics Kayanos and Geri was rocking her Newtons.

shoes 4.15

This morning was another small victory for one of our girls on the Injury Report.


On doctor’s orders, Summer has been off for more than three weeks, but was cleared to try one mile with us this morning.  One.  So we ran a mile then walked a mile back … pain free and fabulous!


Training season is always hard, especially through the winter when you love to run outside.  The snow and ice can unknowingly cause a slight change in your gait (as I try my best to not land on flat on my face … or my backside).   Without extra attention to stretching, foam rolling and cross training, even a slight shift can cause pulls and strains or worse.

This time of year always comes with some adjustments and we are happy to see some of our girls on the mend! :)  And of course, we had to celebrate the best way we know how to at dark-thirty!


What is the longest you have been sidelined with an injury? 3 weeks of absolutely no running with Plantar Fasciitis
What helped you through the weeks/months when you couldn’t run or work out?  Honestly, I didn’t handle it well!  Burnt out after an intense 3 month training for a fall half, the first week was a welcomed break but the next two weeks were mentally harder than most of my longest runs or toughest races. Being told you *can’t* do something is probably the best way to determine if you actually want to do it!

6 thoughts on “Weekend Update: 6 Miles at Sunrise

  1. Love that you have a group to run with in the mornings! One by one, my friends stopping their exercise routines, leaving me bored and unmotivated in the mornings. So jealous you have buddies to run with!

    1. Java & Sole says:

      Katie, I tell people All.The.Time that I wouldn’t run without my Runner Girls. At least not consistently! It’s inevitable that the group may change, some new and some gone, but I’ve been running with a few of these girls year round for the past 4 years and I count them among my blessings each day because I know it is so much harder to stay motivated when running solo.

      Please please join us in logging and celebrating your miles on here with us ;) Just pretend we’re texting you at dark thirty to get yourself out of bed and lace us those running shoes!

  2. Summer says:

    wow..last sentence…GREAT POINT! Never thought of it that way. Thank you B♥♥♥

  3. Java & Sole says:

    It’s true, you don’t know what you have til it’s gone :) BTW, I am watching you like a *hawk* these next few weeks to make sure you come back slow and steady! I miss my BRF!

  4. Jen says:

    Mine was IT band last December and into january. Ran through the pain too long. I think it started from a torn calf muscle that put me out for 6 weeks in the summer before. I changed my gait to push through that injury…dumb dumb. Hang in there summer!! I am anxious to run with you for another mile in the next 24 hours!!! Celebrating the taper and can’t wait for some enjoyment runs this week.

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