We Declare 2015 Is Going to Rock Our Running Socks Off!

We are Strong.  We Believe in ourselves and each other.  To Be Healthier.  To Have More Energy.  Good Role Models for our kids.  Gratitude for our Blessings.  Because There’s No Time For Fear.

Our “why’s” are all uniquely different, yet eerily similar!  The bottom line: Intentionality.

I am so so proud of these ladies!  We had a great group this morning for our run, then celebrated by showing off our Declare It Day goals! I can not think of a more fantastic way to personally introduce you to some of these super amazing women!

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Do you set goals? If so, how do you stay on track?

What’s the loftiest goal of any kind that you’ve set for yourself and achieved?

It’s not too late to print/make a declaration and join us!!!


2 thoughts on “We Declare 2015 Is Going to Rock Our Running Socks Off!

  1. Liz says:

    I love this!! You all will look back on this on December 31st and feel beyond proud of yourselves!!! <3

  2. Java & Sole says:

    I am so excited! I know writing down my goals is important to achieving them – and seeing them each morning when I wake up will only increase my awareness each day 🙂

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