Training Tweaks

Even the most well though-out plan eventually requires some adjustments, and a half marathon training plan is no exception.Photo Mar 03, 6 13 28 AMWe’re about halfway through the grueling #sub2crew training and some minor changes have made a huge difference!  Not in our pace – we’ve stayed very consistent to our prescribed pace on both long and shorter runs!  (Small victories, right?)  Photo Mar 01, 6 08 11 AM (1)This week, for example:
Day #1: Run, 3 miles at 9:15 avg  Yoga, 30 min.
Day #2: Run, 5 miles at 9:20 avg  (actual pace 9:13)
Day #3: Run, 4 miles at 9:00 avg  (actual pace 9:48)
Day #4: Run, 9 miles at 9:10 avg   (TBD)
Plus 2 days of cross training (currently planks and push-ups for me, though looking to incorporate more weights again).Photo Mar 03, 5 25 54 AMI have gotten that 4th run in about every other week and my legs can feel the difference.  Adding just 3-4 more miles per week doesn’t sound like a lot when we’re averaging around 16-20/week this month but dropping the shortest run and using that time for yoga has made a huge difference recently.  Photo Mar 03, 9 59 33 AMI’m looking forward to alternating between my 30 minute yoga DVD and a 90 minute one that’s much more intense, depending on our mileage that week.  I never realize how tight I really am until I get my yoga mat out!Photo Mar 03, 5 51 52 AMThis morning’s run was slower than prescribed due to slippery, slushy road conditions.  As pretty as some of the scenery was, I am So Ready for Spring!  (Can we hold the Groundhog responsible for this “snow in March” business after he claimed spring was on it’s way??)Photo Mar 03, 5 27 00 AMHappy Happy Happy Birthday to our sweet friend Michelle!  Celebrating with cookies for breakfast counts as carb-loading, right?  She told me recently that the Thinking Out Loud Thursday posts are her favorite – so I’m linking up with Amanda today especially for Michelle’s birthday!  🙂Photo Mar 03, 9 53 47 AMWhat cross-training activities do you enjoy? I honestly have a hard time slowing down for yoga but there’s no question I run better when I stay consistent with my downward dogs!

Favorite birthday treat?? I am often near a beach on/around my birthday since it usually falls over spring break so I love to indulge in some delicious key lime pie! (bonus if it’s frozen, covered in chocolate and on a stick … but I’ve only ever seen that in Destin, FL!)

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