Totally Quotable

Sometimes the little things are a big deal … in a good way! Like an extra 10 minutes in your warm, cozy bed on a cold day.  Or a thoughtful text from a friend.  Or an unexpected phone call, just because.

Over the past few weeks, I have had the great pleasure of seeing my words and posts shared by others … so, in true Thinking Out Loud Thursday form, I am delighted to bring you this rather random assortment of “link love!”  {Thanks, Amanda, for hosting!}

(5) Why I Mini – As a race ambassador, I had the opportunity to write {this} post for the Indy Mini blog.  500festamb(4) A /White/ Flower With Goals –  If you’ve ever been to a race and come across a woman, or more likely a group of women, wearing colorful flowers in their hair, you may have been unknowingly surrounded by a small part of an amazing community of women who exist simply to love, encourage and support each other both online and in person across world.  As a new Fellow Flowers Crew Member, {this} post I wrote about their recent Declare It Day event was one of a handful they chose to share on their blog! Photo Feb 07, 5 05 48 PM(3) Flower On – all those Declare It Day goals and the celebration that followed appeared in a guest post I did for Amanda Maureen at Unapologetically You!  Photo Feb 07, 5 32 55 PM

(2) “Talking” with my favorite brands on Twitter 🙂  I know it’s their job to engage their customers and followers … but that knowledge doesn’t make it any less fun! Photo Feb 18, 4 24 10 PM

(1) FitBloggin’ 2016 – Okay, I’ll admit to being ridiculously excited when I realized I was able to register for and attend my first blogger conference this summer since it will practically be in my backyard.  So when FitBloggin’ posted a question on their Facebook page asking who should attend this year, of course I had an answer 🙂 And they chose to include it in {their blog post} last week!


Have you ever seen your posts or pictures shared by a third party?  When?  Where??  🙂

Share your thoughts!