Thinking Out Loud Thursday: 10 Miserable Miles + Interval Intensity

Happy Thinking Out Loud Thursday friends!  So many exciting things happening here at Java & Sole that I have missed one of my favorite link-ups these past few weeks – but we’re back and thrilled to link up with Amanda @ Running With Spoons because


Since the 5th Annual Indy Women’s Half is only 4 weeks away, we’re getting into longer miles on the weekend with our CRG24 plan.  READ ALL THE WAY TO THE END FOR AN AWESOME RACE EXCLUSIVE!

We were able to hook up with the Marathoners (who are training for an early November race) for our long run – our 10 miler and their 9 miler!

Our “Dirty Dozen” 🙂


We needed a change of scenery, so Summer routed us through a neighborhood we used to run often (until our sweet friend who lived there moved to Tennessee!)

We miss you Karin!!


Amy was kind enough to stash a cooler at her parent’s house around the 4 mile mark with water and popsicles … because it was hot, hot, hot!  I think the humidity was around 93% Saturday morning, which is miserable way to start a long run.


Unfortunately, this is where things went wrong for me.  I have never been able to use most (any?!?) of the GU-type chews or tablets – too sweet, too dry (even with water), too big?  I’m not really sure why, but they have always upset my stomach.  I love my Honey Stinger Waffles before a race, but have never tried it as mid-race fuel  assuming it would be a crumbly mess from being stuffed into my running belt by the time I needed it.

Sport beans have worked well for me in the past but I’ll admit it’s been a while since I have used them.  So Saturday, I grabbed two beans out of my bag during our water stop, ate them and washed it down with water.  {The bag actually recommends eating the entire bag 30 minutes before your activity – which I have never done!}  Within 10 minutes, my stomach was in knots.  Could it have been something I ate the night before?  Maybe.  Could it have been too much water when we stopped, trying to overcompensate for the heat?  Sure. Maybe I just needed a potty stop!


Ultimately, I finished my 10 miles in a lot of pain. (Okay, I stopped at 9.5 because we had to pass where our cars were parked and circle around to get to 10.)  We headed back to our clubhouse {Starbucks} for coffee, got out of the heat and made that potty stop,  but my stomach still didn’t feel right until after lunch … and two of my kiddo’s soccer games!

Do you have a favorite race fuel?  I’m on the search for new ones and I would love your suggestions!!  

Monday I was still super sore, but it felt good to stretch everything out a bit.  Look at this crew!  There were at least 3 more ladies who couldn’t come in for coffee … when we say “NEVER MISS A MONDAY” we are not kidding 🙂


Tuesday.  Speed Drills.

I get a lot of eye rolls when I tell people I secretly love speed drills.  Mostly because it makes 4-5 miles go SO fast!  Oh, and I feel like boss sprinting through the parking lot at dark thirty!



Let’s talk about our sweet friend Jill – how is it possible that she looks this adorable after 4 miles of speed drills?  We have decided that getting her post-run coffee in a real mug is part of her magic.

{For the first 6 years of my Starbucks life, I didn’t even know they had real mugs because the car seats in the back of my minivan dictated my drive-thru only experience.  Try not to be jealous of my glamorous lifestyle!} 

Now, for the reveal that has kept you on the edge of your seat … the other Indy Women’s Half Ambassadors and I just found out last night that there will be a very special medal for the women who are racing for the fifth straight year.  When they cross the finish line, they will receive this bonus medal, in addition to their sparkly race medal! 

IHW 5year


It’s not too late to register!  Spread your wings and fly through downtown Indianapolis with us on September 19 for the 5K or half marathon during Indy’s premier women’s-only race!

{Click here to register}

And don’t forget to leave your race fuel suggestions in the comments … I have 4 weeks to come up with something new before the Women’s Half 🙂

6 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud Thursday: 10 Miserable Miles + Interval Intensity

  1. This is going to sound a little bizarre, but I’ve always found that jelly beans were the perfect little energy boosters for me during a hard workout. I’ve never tried any of the sports beans or gels, but plain old sugar usually does the trick without any negative side effects. That or dates — those always work well too.

    1. Java & Sole says:

      Someone else just mentioned regular jelly beans this week as well – hmmm, I do love an excuse to add a little sugar to my diet! But seriously, that’s a fantastic idea I will certainly have to try. I have never tried dates – the dried ones you use in some of your recipes?? They are certainly sweet enough, and about the right size! I love that idea!! Thanks Amanda!

  2. mkadens1 says:

    I’m with you: I never eat more than 3 Sport BEans at a time. But I can’t stand the way they’re packaged. And if I put them in a different container, they jangle around. I am a tough customer, obviously. What a great bonus medal!

    1. Java & Sole says:

      Marcia, you are exactly right! I even tried just putting them in my SpiBelt, with only my phone, but I could never get them back out when I needed them. I used to think the nutrition stuff was so overrated (as I was just getting started running) and now I’m frantic to find just the right combination in the next few weeks! 🙂 Love the 5 year bonus medal – only wish the race hadn’t been held on Labor Day weekend the first 3 years (because we are always out of town) so I could earn my very bonus medal this year! Thank you so much for stopping by!

  3. Lauren says:

    That’s such a sweet bonus medal! Sorry about your stomach. I had a run with issues like that a few weeks ago and don’t know what it is. I don’t use beans but with chews I have a few at at time or at most, a half a pack at a time. Ice pops mid-run is the BEST idea!

    1. Java & Sole says:

      Thanks for stopping by Lauren! I think I hate the not knowing more than the actual pain during the run 🙂 I am not against trying some of the newer chews that others have *said* they haven’t had issues with (apparently there’s a chia seed one??) I successfully used squeeze applesauce this weekend – will definitely try that again!

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