This & That Tuesday: Big Announcement

So many fun and mostly unrelated things to tell you today … I’m not even sure where to begin!

How about this awesomeness: second day in a row with a huge group of Crazy Runner Girls.  There were 23 of us this morning (24 if you count Baby B in the front) for 4 miles of hill sprints.  Yes, sprinting up a hill, in the dark.  My quads and my glutes are clearly not going to forgive me for that decision anytime soon.

Most of us have kids starting school next week, which means back to that regular routine we all secretly love.  The breaks are always nice, but it’s a defined schedule that we really crave.

24 CRG 7.21

A couple of the girls decided I needed a selfie stick for the blog, and of course they wouldn’t rest until they found the perfect one :)  Thanks Dawn and Mary!7.4-13You never know what you might find on the street at dark thirty.  Honestly, I am rarely surprised by these “treasures” anymore.

Now, the morning we found a loveseat, smack dab in the middle of the street and completely frosted over in the dead of winter … *that* was a surprise!  If and when I find that picture, I promise to post it here :)

Gotta love garden fresh cucumbers in the morning!  Thanks for sharing Mrs. H!


Speaking of snacks, I tried out a new treat for the road: chocolate chip dough cookie bars!  I posted the recipe on our Instagram account last week, but I’m sharing again in case you missed it.  The kids gave it 3 chocolate-y thumbs up!

choc chip cookie bars

Random beach selfie … just because I don’t take many pictures in the daylight, much less when I have a tan!

bn beach

Our “surprised” faces … surprised we were still awake (Summer’s been known to crash by 8pm) and about to start  a 6 miler at 8:30pm!

7.9.15 6

Finished!  And excited to re-hydrate!

And finally … the Big Announcement!  I have been selected as a Race Ambassador for the Indy Women’s Half (one of our Favorite Races!)  My training “run” on the beach looked a little different considering I was pulling my son on a boogie board through a tide pool rather than dodging potholes in the street – no running shoes required!

Still looking for a fall half marathon or 5K?  Want to find something to supplement an early winter full or half marathon?  Check out the Indy Women’s Half & 5K and make plans to join us on September 19 for this fantastic women-only event!  {If you have guys who want to tag along, they are always looking for volunteers!}

Watch for exclusive updates here, in addition to our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages {@javaandsole}

IMM 2015 training

Need a training plan?  Not sure where to start?  Check out our very own CRG24 plan!  What can YOU do in 60 days???

IWH 60 days

2 thoughts on “This & That Tuesday: Big Announcement

  1. Summer says:

    LOVE THIS POST!!!!!!!!!!!! Keep em comin J&S! ;)

    1. Java & Sole says:

      This post made possible by my BRFs and fellow runner girls! There wouldn’t be many adventures without you girls! <3

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