Thinking Out Loud: This One’s for the Moms!

Good Morning friends 🙂  Thank you all for your beautiful comments yesterday, to me personally and across social media.  I am blessed to “multiply the good” with each one of you!


I’m so excited it’s Thursday; I have been waiting to share this special post on Amanda’s Running With Spoons link up all week!


Yesterday, I shared my mom with you.  Today, I get to honor my RG’s – to their own mothers and to them, as mothers … This one’s for you, Moms! 

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Here is a pic of my mommy and daddy on New Year’s Eve 2014-15.  We are on a cruise ringing in the new year.  My mom basically raised herself and 3 other siblings when her mom died when my mom was 12.  She took over all the responsibilities of the home (cooking, cleaning, laundry, yard work, etc…) from that time until she married my dad at the age of 18.  She is a selfless person (sometimes to her own detriment) and she dearly loves the Lord with an unwavering faith.  She is the family “rock”.  I have watched her be strong when she lost her son (my brother) and then a great grandson (my great nephew).  When times get tough, she turns to the Lord and clings to the promises He has given.  She has more energy at 76, than I did at 36.  She has been married to my dad since 1957.  (Yes 58 years!) She’s a great woman and lovely person inside and outside. Love her!  LOVE, SHERRY

I love my mom and grandma for showing me what it means to be a great mom!  LOVE, ANNETTE

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I love to fish because my mom loves to fish 🙂  Once I became a mom, I understood just how awesome my mom is/was!  I learned that Christmas morning is even more magical through a child’s eyes.  I learned that cookies and hot chocolate are sweeter with my kids (especially after building a snow man!)  I learned that Mom’s hugs can heal wounds, that messes are not the end of the world, that there is no happier sound than my kiddos’ belly laughs and no greater joy than having the honor of being their mom!  LOVE, SUMMER

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2015 is a very special Mother’s Day for me … This year my baby turned 18 and is graduating from high school!  It’s been amazing to see her grow up through all of the “phases” of life!  Being a mom is truly the BEST gift from God!  So proud of my daughter Lauren and excited to see her spread her wings and move forward into the next adventures in college!!!  LOVE, GERI


Spending a day with my mom and my daughters leaves me with the best memories!  LOVE, JENNY


Love my mom because she loves being a fun grandma and I love how much she spoils all her fur babies!  LOVE, TIFFANY



My mom has been my inspiration to have the courage to do things I would never think to do on my own!  She plays silly games with my son … their laughter fills my heart with happiness!  What I love most about being a mom are the nighttime snuggles and messy-face kisses and watching my boy grow into a sweet and kind young man.  LOVE, AMY


I am thankful that, still to this day, my mom will sing to me the same song she sang to me as a baby!  Thanks Mama!  And I’m thankful for my goofy boys … I’m lucky if I can ever get a normal picture with them!  🙂  LOVE, MICHELLE

michelle1 michelle2

I love being a mom to my five entertaining kids because there’s never a dull moment!  Here we were traipsing around Butler University, my alma mater, last summer and also my daughter and I on her 8th grade trip.  I was given strict instructions as to how I should act!  Ha!  LOVE, JENNIFER


My boys are the best!  I love to bake, camp, garden and, of course, run with them!  LOVE, LIZA


My favorite part of being a mom is “doing life” with these kiddos.  In this picture, we had run from a school event to a football game to dance practice … and at 8pm I realized that we hadn’t eaten dinner so we had donuts for dinner!  The kids talk about this crazy night all the time!  LOVE, MELISSA


I love watching my kids do what they love – like baseball, tennis and volleyball.  And sometimes running 🙂   LOVE, DAWN

Being a mom is truly my greatest blessing.  It’s all I ever wanted to be.  It’s the everyday little things for me…the hugs,the kisses, the belly laughs, the big ole smiles, the sassiness of girls, the out-of-the-blue “I love you Momma.”  It’s a million little things that I wouldn’t trade for anything.  My favorite thing about my Mom is knowing no matter what may happen she’s always my biggest fan.  LOVE, STACIA

For me, watching my kids grow and learn is the greatest joy of being a mom.  For each moment where I’m sure I’m at the end of my rope, there are moments of pride to counter them.  When my son uttered his first word … and it was “thank you” I knew he was learning kindness.  When my daughter stood up for a friend who was being teased, I knew she was learning friendship.  When I found my other daughter writing a list of kids who were giving her a hard time at school and then learned that it was the beginning of her prayer list, I knew she was learning grace and forgiveness.  Humility and Patience are two words that jump out at me when I think of parenting.  Sometimes I am the teacher, but often I am the student.   LOVE, BRANDI

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Tell us about your mom … or your kids!  What do you love about your mom?  What have you learned about being a mom?  

2 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud: This One’s for the Moms!

  1. Oh now this just made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside — love all the mom love! I’m super thankful to be super close to my mom, and I don;t think a day goes by when I don’t talk to her on the phone. She’s still the first person I call when I need help, and it’s a pretty amazing feeling knowing that she’ll always have my back. I can’t wait to see her on Sunday!

  2. Java & Sole says:

    That’s fantastic that you are super close with your mom! Moms are such a special breed – we just can’t live without them 🙂 Thanks so much for stopping by Amanda!

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