Thinking Out Loud: Out of the Funk :)

So glad it’s Thinking Out Loud Thursdaymy brain has been completely out of the loop recently, and I am placing the blame on my training schedule.  But probably not in the way you might think.  Bear with me, this past week was quite the roller coaster!

Remember how I was bragging that the Taper Week Crazies {supposedly} didn’t hit me last week??  Well they did.  Thursday morning I overslept and didn’t make my last taper run.  But it was only 2 miles.  Surely that wasn’t going to make a big difference … I still got up and met the girls for coffee (trying to maintain a bit of a routine).  And honestly, what’s 2 miles really when I’m prepping to run 13.1?

Last Friday was the Indy Women’s Half & 5K Expo.  I had a chance to officially meet Tracy, the headband lifesaver and super star behind Busy Bee Headbands!

{Side Note: A woman at the expo wanted a headband to fit her baby, less than a year old.  Even at it’s smallest, the BB headbands were still a little too big.  See that sewing machine in front of Tracy?  She whipped out the ribbon needed for the super hero headband Mom wanted, and made that sweet baby a custom-fit headband on the spot!  That’s what I call Super Customer Service!}


 And a belated Congrats to our Giveaway Winner, Amy at Life to the Full.  I am mailing your Two Winning Headbands today!  Thanks to everyone who participated 🙂  Stay tuned for more giveaways soon!!!

I also worked packet pick up at the Expo that day from 1:30pm – 8:00pm.  It was a lot of fun, especially finding runners from out of state who had come in town just for this race!  Props to Louisville, KY – I one point I am certain I had handed out more packets to Louisville ladies than Indy ladies 🙂  Meeting runners from California, New York and Colorado as well as a few of the elite women was absolutely a highlight of the day!


Being on my feet much longer than usual, getting home late and being completely unprepared for my half the next day only sorta freaked me out Friday night.  My mom and sister-in-law were running the 5K with my girls the next day so I was much more concerned with where the extra 6 people at my house were sleeping that night and making sure the girls’ clothes and tutus were ready for the next morning.

My race recap – if you can call it that – will be up soon.  Since the race got black-flagged about 30 minutes in it won’t be long, but you better believe we still took lots of race day pictures 🙂

I will say this: the downside to not having matching shirts for this race, or even a specific theme, meant that Saturday morning I realized I had NO IDEA what I was going to wear.  None.  Panic had officially set in. I realized I didn’t have my regular “night before a race” dinner (oatmeal) until 9pm, which was much too late for my belly’s liking.  I had no race morning food laid out, and I had to make sure my girls were up and dressed and fed before we left the house at 6am.  Okay, we were supposed to pick up my neighbor at 6am – I think it was more like 6:20 before we left!

Black Flags are no fun … but neither is lightening, so many of us met the next day to get our miles in.  And take this awesome shadow picture!


#NeverMissAMonday happened just like always … though our group was much smaller due to so many of the girls having run 13 or 18 the day before 😉


Fellow die-hard Colts fan and Runner Girl Amy found herself with an extra ticket to the Colts’ home opener and Monday Night Football Game.  SUUUUUUPER excited to watch our boys in blue kick off football season in Indy, the game proved to be sort of painful to watch.  But the halftime “entertainment” proved to be worth the lack of Colts’ offense on the field.



Fan FAVORITE Jeff Saturday, retired center, was inducted into the Colts Ring of Honor and a bunch of his teammates and other former Colts were on hand to celebrate.  Definitely the bright spot of night!


You would think taking girls night to MNF would get me out of my funk … but no.  We got home after midnight on Monday, so I bailed on Tuesday’s speed drills.  Then slept in Wednesday because I was still so out of it.  Nothing seemed to help.  I wanted more than anything to bail again this morning.  I mean, 9 miles with my head in a fog couldn’t end well, right?  But somehow I managed to get myself there this morning.  At early dark thirty.  And it was just what I needed.


So grateful I didn’t bail again … every one of those 9 miles was proof that running is my therapy.  Nothing specific.  Nothing new.  But missing scheduled runs was affecting my ability to deal with the every day.  Will I still take an occasional sleep in day here or there – you bet!  But this was just the reminder that I needed, as we enter into the final 6 weeks of our 24 week training plan leading up to the Indianapolis Monumental Half Marathon, that each and every run holds it own purpose.  This is exactly when I start to get burnt out every time.  When I feel like I have put in “enough” work to kind of coast through until race day.  My legs can go 13.1, I already know that.  But so much of running is mental toughness – and my brain needs that conditioning as much, or more than, my legs do!

4 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud: Out of the Funk :)

  1. Jen says:

    I was just freaking out with exhaustion this week! I thought “I am hitting the wall.” 4:00 am runs, 40-45 miles a week, two xc kids and work were doing me in Brandi. BUT had the same epiphany this morning! Only 4 more hard weeks and 2 weeks of taper. We’ve GOT THIS!

    1. Java & Sole says:

      Only 4 more hard weeks … are you serious?!? I never look more than one week out on our training plan so I don’t myself in panic mode too soon 🙂 Let the countdown begin!! We’ve Got This!

  2. has2run says:

    I have had an off week too. Mentally that is. I think that sometimes it is our brains way of telling us to slow down and rest. I am glad you are back. Have a great race

    1. Java & Sole says:

      Sometimes I forget how much of running is mental – and if my brain’s not in it, my legs don’t matter. Hope you are feeling rested and ready to run this week too! Thanks so much for stopping be 🙂

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