Thinking Out Loud: Jumbled Randomness

Greetings!  I’m thrilled it’s Thinking Out Loud Thursday because I have a million thoughts flying through my head right now and TOLT is the perfect excuse to unload {most of} them right here 🙂

(1) First …


Amanda doesn’t know it, but she’s one of the bloggers I stalk carefully watch as I am trying to find my way in this crazy blogging world!  {That didn’t sound creepy at all, right?!?}

(2) Popcorn.  This popcorn

popcorn I have never been a chip person. I mean, I like chips, but I can do without them in the name of trying to eat healthier.  I’ve even cut way down on my chocolate intake.  Except for chocolate covered almonds – but it’s dark chocolate, so it’s basically a super-food and therefore doesn’t count 🙂  But I took my little guy to Costco with me to stock up on road trip snacks before our Florida vacation this year and we *had* to buy everything we sampled.  Including this.  And now, I cannot stop stuffing my face.  The combination of sweet and salty is apparently too much for me to turn away.  I can usually hold off until after 9pm {but only because I don’t want to share with my kids!} 

(3) Fall.  Autumn.  Pumpkins.  Changing Leaves.  Apple Cider.  Sweatshirts.  FOOTBALL!


It won’t be long until I am writing entire posts about pumpkin … and sweatshirts 🙂  Consider this your warning!

(4a) Poptart Person: an Ella original!


Summer’s daughter Ella drew this cute Poptart Person and we decided Ella and my girls should put her design on tshirts for the Indy Women’s Half 5K.  Then Summer decided she wanted one too.  And some other Runner Girls (and their kids) jumped on board!  We probably have a dozen Ella-original designs floating around town now!  Thanks to Amy for modeling hers.

(4b) Java & Sole Poptart Person


I jokingly told Summer that if you added a cup of coffee and running shoes to that Poptart Person could be a J&S girl 🙂  So she made it happen! Love my new shirt – Thanks Ella!!

(5) This medal.


My daughters, mom and sister-in-law can not WAIT to earn their very own sparkly butterfly this year!

(6) Pinterest Find of the Week, thanks to Geri: 


(7) The Great Planner Search …HELP!


I have been on the search for a new planner for about a month.  I hate ordering things like this online because I want to be able to flip through it and see exactly how big the pages are, and spaces for writing and organizing and appointment-making.  But I haven’t been impressed with what I’ve found in person so I’m reaching out for help … before I lose my mind!

Case in point: My girls started guitar lessons last week and they are from 5 – 6:30pm (45 min each).  Despite having this written down on two different wall calendars, it ran together in my head to become 5:30.  My plan from the minute they got off the bus revolved around a 5:30 start time.  Until my husband casually walks in at 5:02 and asks why we aren’t at guitar lessons.  AGH!

After mistaking my daughter’s soccer practice times last night (for planning purposes only – it’s not like she got left on the field!), he was vocal about his concerns that he is more “on top of” our daily routine that I am.  

So I’m seeking your help!  We have multiple kids in multiple activities.  I have multiple meetings for multiple jobs, volunteer committees and multiple ambassadorships.  A pocket calendar isn’t going to cut it, but it does need to fit into my mom-sized purse and I am desperate for your recommendations!


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Favorite food/snack you cannot turn down? 

Favorite season? What makes it special?


4 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud: Jumbled Randomness

  1. Aww well thanks so much for the sweet shoutout, girl! Hope you’re having an awesome Thursday! And I’m MORE than ready for all things pumpkin and fall to start. In fact, I’ve seriously had to hold myself back for the past few weeks because I was worried that it was a little -too- early to jump into it. But come September? The gloves are OFF.

    1. Java & Sole says:

      YAY!! That’s the best news I’ve heard all day 🙂 I have already promised to make pumpkin chocolate chip bars for my kids on Sept.1 – so happy you’ll have some lovely new recipes for us to try!

  2. Jen says:

    4 kids, 2 schools, a full time job, a husband who travels, all my miles, 3 kids in sports, volunteering and my cell calendar and alarms is the only way I manage!!! I can put address for kickball games right in and who is carpooling my oldest to and from school right in…still was a half hour late last week for xc!

  3. We wouldn’t survive without Google Calendar. We can see each other’s calendars on our phones and computers. I put everything in there and even invite myself to important work events I need Matt to be aware of. Different events get a different color and I set the reminders based on what I need. So if practice is at 6, my phone goes off at 5 so I remember to get out the door on time. If I’m going somewhere new, I put the address in the event so I can easily get directions from my Maps app. This time of year, we are never home and I need Matt to see the same schedule I have, so electronic works best for us.

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