Thinking Out Loud: Be A VIP!

Friends … the Indy Women’s Half & 5K is NEXT WEEKEND!  Seriously, it’s only 8 days away!  I am so excited 🙂  Right now, Accuweather is predicting a lovely 59* low for next Saturday … we all know the Midwest weather will change a dozen times in the next 8 days, but I’m crossing my fingers for a cool, calm morning.


Celebrating it’s 5th year, the Indy Women’s Half & 5K have nearly doubled their registered participants from last year!  The races were both officially declared SOLD OUT on Monday night.  Want to join the other Ambassadors and me in the VIP Tent on Race Day??  There are still a few spots left!  Enjoy a private gear check, pre-race nutrition and coffee, private restrooms!!!, post-race food and drinks (adult beverages included) plus massage therapy and yoga.  

Register for the VIP TENT Here!


Didn’t get signed up, but still want to be part of the Largest Women’s Running Event in the State of Indiana?!? 

Our Finish Line Photo from 2014

Organizers are still looking for Volunteers to help out on Friday during the Expo and Packet Pick Up and on Saturday before, during and after the race!  You can sign up as an individual or as a group. Volunteering at the Indy Mini last year was such an amazing experience – the crowd, the first-place finishers, the first-time finishers, the other volunteers.  There was so much to take in!  It made for a very memorable morning to say the least 🙂

Register HERE to Volunteer for the Indy Women’s Half & 5K!

And since it’s Thinking Out Loud Thursday, I feel it’s necessary to switch gears to something completely unrelated …

I’m sure you are all dying to know if I solved my planner crisis!  The answer is … sort of 🙂  Did you know that if you wait until September to buy a planner, they are heavily discounted?  Something about only being able to use it for a few more months, I guess.

Regardless, I got a great deal on this pretty little thing so I’m filling it up til December – and if I love it, I’ll buy another one, and if I don’t I will at least know exactly what I need and how I use it to better shop for a new one!  I should probably be embarrassed by how giddy I am to start organizing all those post-it notes and lists on loose pieces of paper …. but since we’re all friends here, I will tell you I am over-the-moon-excited about it!!!


Excited for any upcoming races on your calendar?  

Favorite thing about fall?  SWEATSHIRTS & Football 🙂

5 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud: Be A VIP!

  1. has2run says:

    I love planners!! I know most people use electronic gadgets, but I love being able to physically look at it without having to type in passwords etc. I am checking out a few races. Have a great day

    1. Java & Sole says:

      Don’t get me wrong, I have no less than 20 different alarms set on my phone. I just hate that moment when I’m trying to make an appt and I can’t see my calendar because I’m on the phone … and it’s on the phone! I blame it on my constant need to write, not type, everything down! Thank you for stopping by!

  2. Summer says:

    PLANNERS RULE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. No shame in the planner love! I’m all sorts of in love with my Erin Condren Life Planner, and you should see how in-depth I get with the decorating on that sucker 😛 There’s just something about having a nice planner that makes it so much easier to stay organized.

  4. every woman MUST have a perfect planner…because if it isn’t written down it won’t happen 🙂

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