Miles and Miles of Celebration!

The Indianapolis Monumental Marathon was a big milestone for many of us … you can read my personal race recap of the half marathon {here} 🙂

But of course, with nearly 14,000 finishers between all three races this year, there are many more stories to tell and I have the privilege of sharing just a few of them with you for Thinking Out Loud Thursday! 

You may remember from my first IMM Guest Blog Post {here} that several members of my extended family came up from southern Indiana last year to participate in the half marathon.  Most of them decided to continue the tradition this year!


My dad’s brother, his wife and my cousins at the start line.  I love seeing them continue this tradition as a family.  For my uncle, who just started running a few years ago, this was his third half marathon finish in under 2 hours in just the past 2 months!


My dad’s sister and her husband at the finish! Now, I’ve never run for public office, but I have to think that if I did I might run at half marathon to celebrate 🙂  That’s exactly what my uncle and aunt did … Denny was re-elected Mayor of Huntingburg, IN (the “big city” near where my dad grew up) on Tuesday and completed the IMM Half on Saturday!  Congrats  Spinner family!!


{Fun fact about Huntingburg … it’s home to League Stadium where A League of Their Own was filmed in 1991.}


And our awesome marathoners!  26.2 is an amazing accomplishment – I am absolutely in awe of these girls.  Their dedication to their training and to each other is inspiring.

m8The marathon and half marathon split at mile 7, and we were lucky enough to run into our J-Crew early in the race to cheer them on before the split!

THANK YOU DAWN for being there at miles 5, 10 and 19!!


Lots of runner girls also means lots of extra course support …


… and unofficial race photographers!

m1 Love all the action shots!m2This Finish Line photo is perfect … and priceless!  They trained together, started together and finished together.  The ultimate definition of Sole Sisters.

Post Race Smiles – Jen’s first marathon is another cause for celebration!


Refueling after 26.2 🙂  Mmmmmm!


Everyone refuels differently, you know … cupcakes anyone?!

m7Or maybe a PR donut is what you would prefer … Congrats to Stephanie on her fantastic finish!  Read her recap of her marathon {here!}  

Favorite “reward” treat (food or otherwise)? Blue cheese + Bacon topped Burger and sweet potato fries!

Favorite season? Fall – leaves, sweatshirts, hot chocolate!!

Best Race Course Sign? Dawn’s sign wins for creativity … but I still remember the first time I saw a “WTF” sign before I knew it had a “race day” definition 🙂  “Where’s The Finish” wasn’t what I was expecting to see on the other side!