Ready To Rock ‘N Roll In Nashville

Four of my Favorite Words: RUNNER GIRL ROAD TRIP!

Over the years, I’ve had the privilege of running some pretty awesome destination races. ¬†The Inaugural Disney Princess Glass Slipper Challenge, Chicago Half Marathon (twice), Horse Capital Half Marathon (also twice) and two different 10K’s on my favorite Hilton Head Island to name a few of my favorites.

And in three days I will be able to add one more to that list: {Rock ‘N Roll Nashville!} I’ve had my eye on the Rock ‘N Roll series since I started running more than just one half marathon a year ūüôā ¬†It still humbles me to think that after my first half marathon 6 years ago, I balked at the idea of running more than one 13.1 mile race¬†a year! ¬†I have learned more about my physical and¬†mental strength¬†in these 6 years than I would have ever imagined. ¬†Truthfully, I always imagined San Diego could be my first Rock ‘N Roll race since it’s probably my husband’s favorite places, it takes place in June (which means the kids and I are out of school) and is the original site of the First Rock ‘N Roll race 20 years ago!

But Nashville came calling … I love the south. ¬†I love the mountains. ¬†I love country music, the history and all things honky tonk. ¬†{And I love Nashville!} ¬†So last spring, RNR was running a special registration rate for the Nashville race and I was in desperate need of something to look forward to because there were so many important decisions swirling around me at the time that I needed a ¬†{light at the end of the tunnel}, so to speak. ¬†So I called on a few of my closest runner girls for this Runner Girl Road Trip almost a year in the making. ¬†I can’t believe it’s finally here and, honestly, the fact that we leave in less than 48 hours has me giddy! ¬†I’m so grateful that they humor me when I come up with some of these crazy ideas.

{Shhhhh! ¬†Just between you and me, I’m trying to figure out how to get them to do a Ragnar with me in the next few years!}¬†

So the last 2 weeks I have been trying to remember how to prep for a half marathon! ¬†After a rough training spell last spring, I continued to run the races I had already signed up for, but without the same intensity (or pressure) as I had once planned. ¬†Since those races were completed 6 months ago, I haven’t run any longer mileage in what feels like forever!

Chicken avocado quesadilla? ¬†Yes please!Post-run stretching and plenty of yoga? ¬†Ditto! Race Day Nutrition? ¬†Yep!Squeezing in all those training miles, and them some, to make sure we’re {sort of} ready for all.those.hills? ¬†Absolutely!And more water? ¬†HYDRATE! HYDRATE! HYDRATE! We actually received an email from RNR this week informing us that they had moved up the race’s start time due to anticipated high temperatures on Saturday morning. I’ve never had a race of this magnitude change it’s start time due to weather conditions, but I’m certainly happy they are looking out for the best interest of their runners. ¬†{Electrolytes at the ready!}¬† Please don’t miss the irony here – just 4 days ago I spent most of the day at our local soccer fields cheering on my daughter’s team, then my son’s, in a winter coat, hat, gloves, fuzzy socks and two blankets {plus hot chocolate} just to stay warm. ¬†Exactly one week after this picture was taken, I will be wearing a tank top and running skirt with sweat dripping from my elbows and praying for a light breeze to provide just a few seconds of relief from the heat.

God Bless Indiana and their crazy, unpredictable weather!¬†And with that my friends … we are ready to ROCK ‘N ROLL!

Where would you want to Rock ‘N Roll? ¬†{There are 30+ cities on the calendar for this year!} Check it out {here}

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