Why, Oh Why, Am I Still Running?

I still remember the first time I told someone other than my husband that I planned to start training for my first half marathon in the spring of that year {2011}.  The eye-rolls were unforgettable!  But never in my wildest dreams did I expect to make running a regular thing.  Photo Mar 05, 1 35 24 PM I have shared {this story} before, but it seems appropriate today as the Tuesday’s on the Run theme is “The Best Part About Running”

(1) Clearly, I love my Runner Girls – I tell people all the time that I probably would have quit running a lot time ago if I didn’t have an amazing group of women to keep me accountable.  Through injuries and PR’s.  Sharing late girls’ nights and early race mornings.  Between Bible Studies and speed drills – they have helped turn my love of running into something much more.Photo Mar 05, 8 09 08 AM(2) I love sharing race days with my Family!  From my mom, brother and sister-in-law to my aunts, uncles and cousins … and most importantly my husband, two daughters and son.  So many life-shaping lessons about perseverance, good sportsmanship, putting in the work to get the results, and always striving to be YOUR best (rather than THE best) that can come from running. (3) The ability to push myself in various ways.  Early on, it was a self-challenge to run 1 mile without stopping.  Now I’m in the middle of an intense training schedule in hopes of achieving the elusive (to me) sub-2 hour half marathon goal this spring.  After these spring half’s are over, I have already decided I am taking a break from training to be fast and have set a new goal – to go longer miles more often, at whatever pace I feel comfortable.  Run, walk, or crawl – I have set my sights on another 15 mile training run just to enjoy it.  Maybe more 10-12 milers – not for time, just for fun.  Because, as I mentioned at the beginning of this post, I have come to rely on the peace that comes with hitting the pavement more often.  Photo Mar 08, 10 51 38 AMThis weekend’s long run was anything but peaceful – but certainly taught me something about Mind Over Matter.  And reminded me how much I love negative splits!Photo Mar 05, 1 48 59 PM(4) The opportunities it has provided me to go places and do things I wouldn’t have imagined a few years ago.  Taking part in the Inaugural Glass Slipper Challege in Disney World, becoming a leader/encourager/motivator for others who needed that extra push to start something new, and forming Ambassador partnerships with brands like Fellow Flowers, Nuun and Momentum Jewelry as well as race directors for the Indy Women’s Half, Horse Capital Marathon and Indy Mini allowing me to share behind the scenes experiences and more!  500festambOn a complete Tuesday tangent that has absolutely nothing to do with running …. I love football, and I love the NFL, due in large part to a certain #18.  A high school football addict who slowly started following the NFL in college at exactly the same time Peyton Manning was drafted #1 overall by the Colts.  By the time I moved to Indy after graduation, I was a bona fide True Blue Colts Fan whose favorite player spoke with a thick NoLA accent 🙂 After 14 incredible seasons in Indy, Peyton landed in Denver and I started wearing blue and white … and orange … on Sundays!  Happy Retirement to you Peyton.  NFL Sunday’s may never be the same for me.Photo Mar 08, 11 13 29 AM

What’s the best part of running for you? 
Tell us one fitness-related goal for 2016!

Favorite sport – high school, college or pro?