Spring {Is} Near, Right?

I was so excited to flip the calendar to March on Saturday night (yes, a few hours early!)  I knew the official start to spring was still 21 days away, but the symbolism of closing out February with a turn of the page made me smile.  Until I woke up the next morning, March 1, to seven  new inches of snow on the ground.  Seven.  Seriously.  Ugh.

For reasons I can’t even recall right now,  several of us decided to run on Sunday morning this week – I’m assuming because we were not planning to get 7 inches of snow Saturday night.

Fortunately (for them)  Jen and Emily are much smarter than the rest of us and ran 12 miles on Saturday when the weather was quite lovely!


So I got up Sunday morning surprised by the accumulation.  I checked with a couple of the girls to see how the main roads were (since my neighborhood is always a mess!)  and confirmed we were still on for 7 snowy miles.

But I didn’t make it far … got stuck on a country road outside of my neighborhood, decided to turn around and got stuck again trying to get back up my driveway!  Little did I know, my morning wouldn’t even come close to winning “Most Eventful” for the day! 


Some of the girls bailed on the run for good reason – it was a mess outside!  We found out later that there were travel restrictions in place for our county – guess we should have checked Twitter first?!?

But for the ones who were able to make it, it proved to be a loooooooong 7 miles!  Running in an inch or so of fresh snow is hard, but fun.  Running in 7 inches of fresh snow is just ridiculous!!  

Jen and Summer keep it interesting with a little yoga break!  But my favorite part about this picture is that you can see how deep the snow is …


The plow came through during mile 6 of 7.  I’m guessing the remainder of that mile was more “happy dance” than run :)

3.1.15-3  THIS is how you recover from the new worst run ever!  (Ironically, the previous “worst run ever” happened on March 1, 2014 … that’s right, exactly one year prior.  I’m going to go ahead and never, ever plan to run again on March 1.)


Melissa makes a lovely Elsa, don’t you think?!


I spent the rest of the day watching the big, beautiful flakes come down, playing in the neighbors’ enormous snow castle (Elsa would have been proud!) and sipping hot chocolate – never quite got around to getting that run in :)

PS: Huge Thanks to my fantastic RG photographers for documenting this run!  They must have missed me stopping them every few minutes for another picture.

3.1.15 b2

What was your weather like this weekend?  Did it impact your weekend plans?  Who’s ready for Spring???

4 thoughts on “Spring {Is} Near, Right?

  1. Jen says:

    Snow runs always look so fun!! I have a love hate relationship! 12 miles sounded very hard in the snow and Adam Levine was calling my name so had to make sure I got my run in before the concert just “in case”! Giggle!

    1. Java & Sole says:

      I usually love them, but this winter has been extra hard for me. Way to rock your 12!

  2. Abby Butts says:

    Playing in the snow should count! Dragging Cole in the sled has been a workout for us!!

    1. Java & Sole says:

      You are absolutely right Abby! I thought of you when I offered to help shovel – and I knew we had two shovels :) – because I was trying to find a way to get a work out in without getting on the treadmill!

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