Speed Drills and Music Trills

You know what I love most about random posts?  Titling them 🙂  It’s true – there’s a weird sense of accomplishment in summarizing an entire weekend (or week!) into a simple phrase.

And if you think speed drills and music trills couldn’t possibly have anything in common, you would be correct 🙂  But that won’t stop me from writing about both in this post!

We kicked our weekend off with a long run on Friday to, once again, accommodate our kids’ busy schedules!  The CRG24 plan called for 8 miles, but we finished with a little over 7 due to a time crunch.  We tease Melissa that she’s our RG Fairy Godmother, sprinkling us with pixie dust when we need a little extra motivation … so Friday Michelle surprised her with her very own tiara and wand!

RG fairy godmother1

We are grateful that Michelle knows how much we enjoy silly props in our early morning photo shoots 🙂

RG fairy godmother2

Friday afternoon a bunch of us received our packets for the Fellow Flowers Fiercely United Virtual Run – including our medal, a cute magnet frame and a little motivation that’s hanging in my kitchen!  Special thanks to Luna for providing a tasty treat in those packets!

FF virtual

We were back together Friday night for another RGNO!  What’s a Runner Girl to do when you had your heart set on a warm apple dumpling topped with cinnamon ice cream, but the wait to be seated is more than 90 minutes long?

Place your order to go, only wait about 20 minutes for your dessert then make yourself at home in the middle of the sidewalk 🙂

rgno 8.7.15

Saturday was busy with two kiddo soccer games, then a party celebrating my birthday girls!  {Hint: enter music trills}



Because God loves to remind me that my plans rarely align with His by constantly surprising me, less than 48 hours before said birthday party I had absolutely nothing prepared, or even planned and was on track to completely losing my mind when my husband suggested sandwich platters and ice cream cake 🙂   

I hightailed it to Dairy Queen to order a guitar cake and decided to try my luck with a local restaurant around the corner for the sandwich platter.

Voila!  I ordered (and paid for) a sandwich platter for 20 and a salad for 12, but when I went to pick it up they had given me 20 boxed lunches that also included chips and a cookie along with my sandwiches and salad 🙂  We had more than enough food and it was all delicious!  Local friends, I highly encourage you to check out Dawson’s Too for your catering needs!

box lunch box lunch-lt box lunch-salad
Sunday was an attempted day of rest and recovery, though we somehow still stayed pretty busy.  Monday I was still exhausted … but since our adopted motto is {Never Miss A Monday} I met these girls for 4 suffocatingly humid miles.  (I love to make up words to more accurately describe my feelings …)





I mean, really, how could I even consider passing up on time with these gorgeous girls??  {Trust me, we all hit the snooze alarm too many times on purpose now and then, but the accountability is literally the only thing that gets me out of bed most mornings!}


The one (and only) downfall of the selfie stick? All of our pictures are starting to look the same because we are no longer forced to get creative to fit us all into one picture.  So this morning we decided to mix it up!

The {Speed Drills} Group – 1 mile warm up, 12×200 speed drills, 1 mile cool down


And the {Gym Girls} – sometimes also referred to as the Injured Reserves 🙂



Ever wonder what “Leg Day” might look like around here?  This is what the Gym Girls were working on this morning …



Lots of new things happening on here at Java & Sole …  some expected and some unexpected, but all very exciting!  I can not wait to share more as the pieces unfold!

Author’s Note: As I edit this post, I realize that last line sounds like it could be a lame attempt at a discreet pregnancy announcement.  I can assure you that is unequivocally not the case!  Just trying to be patient and watch God’s plan fall into place!

hebrews 11.40

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