Some Days You Need An Arrow

Hello friendly faces … no, I haven’t actually dropped off the face of the earth, but it sure feels that way some days.  The past two months have been a hot mess of “lasts” and “firsts” and new beginnings.  Last days of school, preparing to list our house, a week at Disney, the never-ending (and exhausting) search for a new house that we can make our home … and that’s before the kids’ summer activities started.  IMG_5902To say I have been a walking, breathing, barely-sleeping mess is an understatement.  Every time I sit down to write – because it’s good for my sanity – I am interrupted for one reason or another.  Right now, for example, I should be making lunch and getting myself and my kids ready for swim lessons.

But today has been one of *those* days.  The days that continue to overwhelm me a little more with each passing minute.  I was supposed to meet Nettie for a 5 miler (that I REALLY needed) this morning but slept right through my alarms … because they were set for PM instead of AM … Missed a neighbor that was supposed to pick up something at 8am and got the girls to tennis lessons 10 minutes late because, finally, in the midst of this messy, beautiful life we are living, I had finally found the peace I needed to get a good night’s sleep.  IMG_6608I had gone to bed early in anticipation of my dark-thirty 5 miler today, and woke up on my own at 8:40am – the same time I was supposed to be leaving with two kids in route to the tennis courts.  Honestly, I didn’t even know what day it was until my husband asked if tennis was cancelled (we have been expecting pop-up thunderstorms off and on for the past two days, so our outdoor activities have been touch and go at best.) To their credit, both girls had just gotten up and had clothes on, teeth brushed and breakfast for the car before I could ask if they were ready.  IMG_4683Initially, I was pretty down on myself.  Even telling my girls on the way to tennis that it’s pretty hard to screw up a whole day before 9am, but that’s what I felt I had done. As many times every single day I remind them to give themselves grace, I had failed to do that for myself this morning.  I came home, frustrated that I had been so hard on myself, and more frustrated that my girls had seen that frustration.  I went in search of inspiration.  And I knew exactly where to look first.

A few months ago, another Fellow Flowers Crew member had posted an amazing personal testimony on our Crew Facebook page. It resonated with so many (SO SO many!) of us, that her words inspired this beautiful t-shirtArrow_1024x1024With her permission, I am sharing Kat’s words here because we all have those days that are high on stress and low on morale.  But those days are to prepare us for the days we will soar …

Why an arrow?

Because it is the perfect symbol for my journey. An arrow has to be drawn back before it can move forward. It has to be held back….yep, HELD BACK, but during that time it is building tension, potential energy…waiting, patiently for that moment. That split second when whatever force has been pulling it backwards finally let’s go. In that moment it launches forward, full of potential, ready to soar, and ready to hit its mark.
Ladies, there are many times during our journey that we are faced with something that pushes us back. Injury, illness, relationships…even that inner voice (she’s a real bitch). But don’t let that backward force stop your momentum!!! Adjust your cape, find your power pose, and let that be potential energy build. Just like that energy you feel when you toe the start line, as you wait for the shot gun…it’s a time to be in the moment, to focus on the target. While you are waiting to launch, align yourself towards that bullseye, because when that force lets go, YOU ARE GOING TO SOAR!!
Forward is a pace, but that does not mean that there aren’t setbacks. Follow your arrow my friends! Just make sure that you are aiming in the right direction, so that you will land closer to where you want to be when you are set free!

It is my prayer that each of us can follow our arrow today.  <3

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