Ready To Rock ‘N Roll In Nashville

Four of my Favorite Words: RUNNER GIRL ROAD TRIP!

Over the years, I’ve had the privilege of running some pretty awesome destination races.  The Inaugural Disney Princess Glass Slipper Challenge, Chicago Half Marathon (twice), Horse Capital Half Marathon (also twice) and two different 10K’s on my favorite Hilton Head Island to name a few of my favorites.

And in three days I will be able to add one more to that list: {Rock ‘N Roll Nashville!} I’ve had my eye on the Rock ‘N Roll series since I started running more than just one half marathon a year :)  It still humbles me to think that after my first half marathon 6 years ago, I balked at the idea of running more than one 13.1 mile race a year!  I have learned more about my physical and mental strength in these 6 years than I would have ever imagined.  Truthfully, I always imagined San Diego could be my first Rock ‘N Roll race since it’s probably my husband’s favorite places, it takes place in June (which means the kids and I are out of school) and is the original site of the First Rock ‘N Roll race 20 years ago!

But Nashville came calling … I love the south.  I love the mountains.  I love country music, the history and all things honky tonk.  {And I love Nashville!}  So last spring, RNR was running a special registration rate for the Nashville race and I was in desperate need of something to look forward to because there were so many important decisions swirling around me at the time that I needed a  {light at the end of the tunnel}, so to speak.  So I called on a few of my closest runner girls for this Runner Girl Road Trip almost a year in the making.  I can’t believe it’s finally here and, honestly, the fact that we leave in less than 48 hours has me giddy!  I’m so grateful that they humor me when I come up with some of these crazy ideas.

{Shhhhh!  Just between you and me, I’m trying to figure out how to get them to do a Ragnar with me in the next few years!} 

So the last 2 weeks I have been trying to remember how to prep for a half marathon!  After a rough training spell last spring, I continued to run the races I had already signed up for, but without the same intensity (or pressure) as I had once planned.  Since those races were completed 6 months ago, I haven’t run any longer mileage in what feels like forever!

Chicken avocado quesadilla?  Yes please!Post-run stretching and plenty of yoga?  Ditto! Race Day Nutrition?  Yep!Squeezing in all those training miles, and them some, to make sure we’re {sort of} ready for all.those.hills?  Absolutely!And more water?  HYDRATE! HYDRATE! HYDRATE! We actually received an email from RNR this week informing us that they had moved up the race’s start time due to anticipated high temperatures on Saturday morning. I’ve never had a race of this magnitude change it’s start time due to weather conditions, but I’m certainly happy they are looking out for the best interest of their runners.  {Electrolytes at the ready!}  Please don’t miss the irony here – just 4 days ago I spent most of the day at our local soccer fields cheering on my daughter’s team, then my son’s, in a winter coat, hat, gloves, fuzzy socks and two blankets {plus hot chocolate} just to stay warm.  Exactly one week after this picture was taken, I will be wearing a tank top and running skirt with sweat dripping from my elbows and praying for a light breeze to provide just a few seconds of relief from the heat.

God Bless Indiana and their crazy, unpredictable weather! And with that my friends … we are ready to ROCK ‘N ROLL!

Where would you want to Rock ‘N Roll?  {There are 30+ cities on the calendar for this year!} Check it out {here}

Favorite Girls Weekend Trip?  Or Quick Get Away?  

2 thoughts on “Ready To Rock ‘N Roll In Nashville

  1. Jen says:

    I ran Nashville last year for my 40th! It is a fun town and the people cheering you on are awesome! Don’t mind the last hill…it’s awful! Have fun!

  2. Abby Butts says:

    Good luck and have fun!!!

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