Racing Through the #IndyMini Expo!

It’s not often I write a race expo recap … okay, who am I kidding?? I have never even considered writing an expo recap!  But the 40th anniversary of the Indy Mini was sure to be a party from start to finish and the expo was no exception!

First, this massive banner greeted me as I arrived downtown for packet pickup Friday afternoon.  Over 300+ feet high, it certainly is “epic!”  (Grateful for a well-timed stop light to snap this picture!) Photo May 06, 5 24 45 PM (1) I quickly grabbed my packet (and a couple more for friends) and set off to explore the expo.  We had an Ambassador meet up planned for later in the afternoon, so I had to plenty of time to shop!

I loved the expo decor 🙂  A dozen or so of these filled the Convention Center rooms being used for vendor set up.  These three were my favorites!Photo May 06, 1 33 30 PMPhoto May 06, 1 51 56 PM (1)Photo May 06, 1 34 33 PMI didn’t wander very long before I spotted Amber, another Fellow Flower Crew Member, and her husband who had just arrived in Indy for the race.  I am new to the meet up scene and didn’t realize I really should have made plans to stay downtown for dinner with Amber and the other FF Crew ladies who arrived later in the day!  I’ll be ready next time, Flowers!! Photo May 06, 3 35 39 PMThe race theme this year was Why I Mini.  {You can read my guest post on the Indy Mini blog about Why *I* Mini here!} 

I took a minute to share my why on one of the giant posters just inside the expo – look closely, it’s just under the H in “why” 🙂

“Because my dreams are bigger than my fears.  Because I get to” and my little flower scribble (I’m a writer and a runner, but I’m no artist!)

Apparently I’m not the only person who’s motivated by big dreams – because FF just released {this} tank this week … Perfection!Photo May 06, 2 05 54 PMOn to meet up with a few of my fellow Indy Mini Ambassadors! Did I mention that Meb … yes, *the* Meb … was at the expo for a meet and greet??  Warning: Runner Girl Nerd Alert ahead!!

We thought we were meeting for a group photo with Meb at that time before he had to leave for another commitment. Unfortunately, we ended up standing in line for another hour and a half before we made it to the front of the line.  We gathered as many of us as we could for this photo op since some of our group couldn’t stay quite that long.FORTUNATELY, Meb was Super gracious with his time and stayed until all the people who were in line when it closed were able to meet him.Photo May 06, 5 05 17 PMCan you tell I was just a little bit excite to meet the only athlete in history to win the Boston Marathon, New York Marathon and an Olympic medal (or three)!  Oh, and he signed my bib!Photo May 06, 5 03 47 PMSpeaking of the Boston Marathon … I got a chance to see this year’s Boston medal up close thanks to this officially licensed medal display vendor, who had the last 10 years (at least) of Boston medals on hand.  So Cool!Photo May 06, 2 42 58 PMOf course I had to stop by the Nuun booth on my way out – all that standing in line had me dehydrated!  They had tons of samples of the new flavors and formulas out to try, but the lines were so long and crazy it was impossible to get a good picture.  So you’re stuck with this #nuunbassador selfie instead! Photo May 06, 5 11 04 PM (1)Whew!  It was long, but action-packed expo …  Looking forward to sharing my actual race day recap with you soon! Photo May 16, 12 19 48 AM

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