Never Miss A … Tuesday?

You know that awkward moment when you’re getting ready to take that post-workout picture for the blog and someone yells out “NEVER MISS A MONDAY!” … on a Tuesday?

9.8 tuesday

Just in case that didn’t happen to you yesterday morning, I will let you know it was hilarious 😉 See what one day off does to our brains?!  I don’t know how my kids remember anything over their 2 week breaks during the school year, let alone the entire summer!  A three-day weekend and my brain is on a permanent vacation!

It was a busy but relaxing long weekend around here.  Our Thursday morning crew looking much better than we felt after a miserable 3 {shoulda been 4} miler.

9.3 Thurs

Thursday night marked the Inaugural Java & Sole Fantasy Football Live Draft!  I love football, football season, the weeks leading up to football season … do you see where I’m going with this?!?  Last year, I recruited Summer and Nettie to join our church fantasy football league and we had a blast, even though I somehow managed to finish dead last!  This year, we rallied the girls and formed our own league (still through our church – this is an outreach event after all!)

Put 10 Runner Girls in a Fantasy Football league (only, maybe, 5 know what they’re doing) and hilarity will ensure 🙂



Friday morning rolls around and somehow I get talked into “just” meeting for coffee {we all know the coffee time is where it’s at … that’s the only reason I run} and SURPRISE, SURPRISE  the Pumpkin Spice Latte  has it’s own “backstage pass” for people who spend a ridiculous amount of time in one place.

9.4 PSL

And this … a friend shared this with me.  I laughed, out loud, for a solid 5 minutes before I was a little worried about how frighteningly accurate it is!


Saturday morning {generally} means LONG RUN here … and this week we were back on track!  Summer routed us a giant 10 mile loop through town.

At around mile 8 of 10, Melissa achieved a major personal running goal: 500 miles for the year!  On February 7 she set this goal, in hopes of achieving it by December 31.  She blew that timeline out of the water by finishing with the morning at 503.

9.5 Mel500

Post run DONUTS!!  A happy little Saturday 🙂

9.5 donutjpgMany of the girls took advantage of the Labor Day holiday to run a local race that celebrated the Old Fashioned Days and followed it up with a little soda fountain! 
9.7 OFD 9.7 OFD2
I very much enjoyed being unplugged for a few days over our long weekend!

How did you spend your unofficial final days of summer? Summer and I took our daughters’ with us log a few community service hours from our Bible Study this past winter then my family and I headed to my in-laws for my nephew’s 14th birthday party.  I maintain that it is not my kids’ birthdays, or even my own birthday that makes me feel old – it’s his 🙂  The oldest of my in-laws’ grandchildren and the most adorable ring bearer anywhere or ever on my wedding day … Happy 14th Birthday Bray!!

2 thoughts on “Never Miss A … Tuesday?

  1. mkadens1 says:

    My PSL tally so far this season is one. I’m holding back. Looks like all kind of fun was had! We took a trip to Lake Geneva, which was awesome!

    1. Java & Sole says:

      I’ll admit to only having one “official” PSL, but I really love to put a couple pumps of the PS syrup in my tall blond roast every morning – with a little cream and some nutmeg on top, it’s my own little creation 🙂 Lake Geneva sounds fun! Perfect weather for it!

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