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Hey – did you know we ran 15 miles last weekend? No, I hadn’t shared that crazy part of our half marathon training plan with you yet?  Or, you did read through the training plan here, saw 15 miles scheduled and figured I would come up with a really excellent excuse as to why I couldn’t make it even though it was my genius idea to put it into the plan,  Yeah, me too.

15 miles

Fortunately, I guess, for me, accountability is key in our crazy runner girl group and Summer had it routed and planned before I had time to come up with any reason not to join in the fun 🙂

The 15 mile run recap is coming soon …

Today I’m excited to share My House Fitness with you!  Thanks in part Sarah at Creating A Better Tomorrow (my blogger-friend TWIN!!) I had the opportunity to check out a brand new fitness facility nearby.


My House Fitness has a beautiful new facility with state-of-the-art equipment and an area to train outside in the courtyard when it’s warm enough … but their focus is solely on the needs of each individual who walks through their doors.  And that begins with a complimentary bottle of water and fresh towel before each workout!


Pam Laughlin, franchise owner at the Avon location, was extremely helpful as I asked question after question about her thoughts on personal training, fitness and nutrition.  Her own personal education and experiences in each of these areas, coupled with her welcoming and knowledgeable staff, are a testament to the type of establishment she is creating.


My House Fitness is an appointment-only facility with classes and personal training sessions (small group or one-on-one) offered throughout the day.  Initially, I wondered if this appointment-only policy would discourage or intimidate new members … until I realized exactly how many times I have admitted that I probably wouldn’t still be running without my runner girls. 


Accountability is key.  As Pam mentioned, “even a trainer needs a trainer” – to encourage you, to push you, to ensure you really do get in as many reps as possible!  The small class sizes and personal assessments provided for each member can be the difference between reaching your goals and giving up.  


Group Classes can be as low as $12/class for 10 classes (there’s also a great monthly deal on Unlimited Classes).  My House also offers Wellness Workshops, Cardio Club (professional running program) and seasonal challenges to keep you motivated.  
MHF4Thanks to Pam and the MHF team for inviting me over to join you for a training session and show me around your new digs!

2 thoughts on “My House Fitness Review

  1. mkadens1 says:

    Looks like a great place! I don’t think we have those in this area. Happy weekend!

    1. Java & Sole says:

      The franchise is relatively new I think – only one in Indiana and less than a dozen others across the country. I like the accountability concept for sure 🙂 Hope you enjoyed your weekend as well!!

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