Yep, it’s a real word – according to the almighty Google, it means “the fact of being deliberate or purposeful.”  Nothing truly life-changing happens on accident!  Sure, sometimes you have no idea why or how any one decision will impact the next, but with purpose comes progress.

When I sit down to write … dating back to short stories in elementary school and term papers in college to  my current journaling, blogging and writing a devotion for our training group … I absolutely must start with a title.  I will sit in front of a blank piece of paper (or computer screen) staring at the lined pages (or blinking cursor) waiting for exactly the right words for my topic.  If I just start writing my thoughts out, they are everywhere – I have bits and pieces of thoughts going in multiple directions and end up feeling completely unorganized.  Once I choose a title, I know exactly where to start.

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The same is true for our fitness goals.  Several Runner Girls have been discussing recently how we want to become more intentional in various aspects of our lives.  But change doesn’t happen on accident, remember?  We each have a hundred different things we’d like to accomplish this year, but most of them can’t happen without a plan in place to help us succeed.  We need to write down our goals (our “titles”) to help us focus.  Our friends at Fellow Flowers have these great Declare It Day certificates you can print out and complete as a reminder of the goals you set for yourself this year.  And one of my oldest and dearest friends Liz tells us how setting monthly goals helps her get and stay organized instead of overwhelmed!

Two of our amazing Runner Girls have already Declared their 2015 goals:



For some extra accountability incentive, you can fill out your Declare It Day certificate and post a picture on our Facebook or Twitter pages to be entered to win a Fellow Flowers prize pack!  There are declaration certificates for kids too – we are filling ours out as a family tonight and posting pictures tomorrow!!

And because I love a good throwback … this gem resurfaced yesterday!  Our first 5 mile training run of 2012:  achieving a small goal in order to make a bigger one attainable.  Be Intentional.

feb 2012 5

What is one thing you want to accomplish in 2015? 

Share your thoughts!