Indy Polar Bear Recap: 3.1 slip-n-slide miles

While there are no words to truly describe yesterday’s Indy Polar Bear race, I’ll tell you the same thing I told the IndyStar reporter who contacted me after the race, “It was brutal, but we had a blast!”

War Memorial

Nothing, and I do mean nothing had been plowed when we left home Saturday morning.  But surely, once we got through town the interstates would be clear, right??  Nope!

This was a major road through town at 7am … luckily there was also very little traffic!

It’s okay, though, because we found the perfect remedy for a nerve-racking drive downtown…donuts from Long’s Bakery!  Arguably the best in Indy!

Who’s really excited for the sugar high our pre-race breakfast will provide?!?

Lots of donut deliciousness happening here!

Summer had to bust out her snow boots to get to the meter (before we figured out parking is free on the weekends!)  Then we headed inside the Indiana War Memorial Museum to pick up our packets and stay warm before the race started.

A few minutes before race time, we found the starting line and also from friends from our training group.  It was kind of amazing we could see anything through the sideways snow, but it was great to catch up with them for a few minutes.

pb15-9 pb15-13jpg

We were thrilled to find a bit of cleared roadway just before the start.  We were hoping the course would be clear once we got started, but unfortunately that wasn’t the case.

pb14-8 pb14-5

Obviously, with the forecast Friday night and the crazy road conditions Saturday morning, all my hopes of a PR went out the window by race time.  But, as quoted in the IndyStar article, I did achieve my goal of not falling in the snow!


This picture pretty much sums up the entire race … RG’s (Runner Girls) by my side, running watch, cozy mittens and post-run Starbucks at the finish line.  It doesn’t get much better than that!


Our RG Amy finished the 5K with us then went on to run the 5 mile race immediately following, for a total of 8.1 miles in the snow and slush on Saturday.  This seasoned runner, who is no stranger to running two half marathons on consecutive days, will tell you it was challenging, both mentally and physically, and a relief to see the finish line.

Summer, Annette and I had grabbed a quick cup of coffee then headed back to the finish line to pace up and down the street to complete the required mileage for our virtual 10K (more on that in this post!) and watch for Amy to cross that finish line!

While it was a far cry from the race I was hoping to run when we signed up, I’m not sure I would change a single thing!  


Did it snow in your area this weekend?

Have/Would you ever run a race in the snow?  


3 thoughts on “Indy Polar Bear Recap: 3.1 slip-n-slide miles

  1. Summer says:

    Can you see my white knuckles in that driving shot, yipes that was crazy! What a fabulous 5k day!!! (super memorable) Glad we took a chance!

  2. Donna says:

    Definitely a challenging race! So good to see familiar faces at the starting line.

  3. Phil Brumley says:

    Congrats on
    ompleting!! The first Polar Bear 5 mile I did was 20 some years ago and we slushed through 6 inches of snow!! Loved reading about your saga!!

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