Indy Monumental: Race Week Prep

Race week is always full of mixed emotions.  We traded our early morning dark thirty for a night run this weekend and enjoyed a beautiful sunset as we knocked out our 7 mile taper run.

10.30 barn

After a run like this, I feel invincible!  Like I’m going to PR my race this weekend by 20 minutes and not even break a sweat 🙂  {While I’m clearly not an elite runner, this run was faster than race pace for me and would easily surpass my current PR of 2:11!}

10.30 taperBut then I realize that might be a *little* unrealistic and I start to get nervous.  Nervous that I have no idea what I’m doing.  Nervous that I won’t be able to make it 3 miles, let alone 13.1.  Nervous that I’ll somehow not even make it to the start line, whether that means oversleeping or tweaking some random muscle in the days leading up to the race that make it impossible to run.

For this reason, taper week is good for me.  Generally it makes me crazy and I feel like I should be running more, not less, but it also forces me to do yoga and stretch more since I’m not running as much.  Oh, and praying I don’t have a repeat of {this}!

A quick 3 miles on Monday, yoga on Tuesday and a relaxing 2 miles on Thursday are all I have planned for this week.  Attempts at extra sleep are good too 🙂 And water … lots of water!


For our marathoners, I wanted to share this third-grade homework take on marathon training.  I’ll admit, my first inclination was to make a snarky comment about how “even I could find time to train for a marathon if it were that easy” … until I re-read the part about it being her first week of training.  Then I felt obligated to remind Diana that rest days are just as important as training days 🙂
10.28 hmwkThe training schedule says we’re ready.  The 250+ miles we’ve put in since the start of {this} training plan says it too.  Our legs are ready.  
10.30 finish

Does Halloween candy count as carb-loading? Sure?! Favorite tricks or treats from this past weekend? Took the kids trick-or-treating with our neighbors – loved being outside (until it started to rain at the end!) enjoying good company and running into lots of their friends from school 🙂

3 thoughts on “Indy Monumental: Race Week Prep

  1. mkadens1 says:

    If Halloween candy counts then I should be running with you! Actually I think I’ll be running this one next year. Excited for all of you and can’t wait to hear all about it!

    1. Java & Sole says:

      Marcia, this is absolutely at the top of my list of favorite races. The weather is usually {finger-crossed for this year} perfect, it’s big but not super crowded and the course is beautiful! If you come down next year we should definitely meet up – this is one race I never miss!

    2. Java & Sole says:

      Of course, that’s the only excuse I have to eating all that candy!

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