I’m in the middle of trying to piece together my first marathon training update on paper, when this phrase pops into my head.

I Want To Be Amazing.

And suddenly, this post starts writing itself.  {So I took this detour to the beach – the absolute best place to find peace and ponder. Not one or two words at a time as is my norm, but full sentences and paragraphs stringing themselves together faster than I can find my laptop {and plug it in, since the battery is low again.}

Only as I write this is the timing of this statement ironic. Training for my first full marathon has finally started.  Regardless of how fantastic … or horrific … that race is, I’m following it up with second full only two months later.  And just in case you hadn’t decided if I was completely crazy to register for two fulls before I had even started training for one, the second just happens to be the final of four races in four days during Disney’s Marathon Weekend.Crazy? Maybe.  In over my head? Possibly. Inexplicably excited about the long runs, and really long runs, and finish lines in my future?  Absolutely!

I Want To Be Amazing.

I’m ready for my next challenges.  Not just in running, but in life.  I know that sounds cliché – like the kind of thing you’d expect to hear from a motivational speaker, not a part-time blogger, but it’s true.  Finding and achieving the next milestones in running are fairly easy and there are plenty of people, from expert run coaches to amateur fitness bloggers, who want to share why their plan will work for you …

Start running.  Run your first 5K.  Run your first 10K, and try for a specific 5K PR.   Train for your first half and/or full marathon.  Attempt a sub-2 hour half marathon.  Run a total of 48.6 miles in 4 races over 4 days.

Those are just some examples 🙂

But there are no training plans for life {I know, even I rolled my eyes when I wrote that}.  As a kid, I had a million big ideas and I had plans to do them all.  Except I wasn’t planning.  I was dreaming but I wasn’t doing.I am finally beginning to understand how to truly be intentional.  A few years ago, I was teaching recreational gymnastics at a local gym and had the hardest time getting some of the girls to get excited about conditioning.  {Huge nerd alert: I love conditioning!} They wanted to do the “cool stuff” the team girls were doing but what they failed to grasp is that the team girls were conditioning 4-5 times per week, at least.  The girls in my rec class hadn’t done the work (built the necessary muscles) to perform the way the team girls did.  They had to be intentional in their training to make that happen.

I want to be intentional. I don’t want to be “ok” –  I Want To Be Amazing.

How was the last movie you saw – OK or Amazing?

How was meal you ate – OK or Amazing?

How was the last dessert you indulged in – OK or Amazing?

These are all relatively minor things, but I don’t want to waste my time, energy, money, or even calories on OK all of the time.  As a wife and a mom, as a runner and as a writer, I want to aim for amazing.

I Want To Be Amazing!



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