Friday Grab Bag: Five Good Things

Hello sweet friends!  I have so missed writing to you this week – even as I posted some of our Runner Girls’ fun vacation pictures on Monday, I was coming down with a nasty sinus infection.  The kind that makes it impossible to get off the couch, let alone form complete thoughts and put them into sentences ;)

Obviously NOT how I envisioned spending half of my Spring Break but rest assured I am on the mend and hoping for a full recovery before I head back to work on Monday!

Now let’s get to the fun stuff – Friday Grab Bag!  I have been reading the “Friday Five” with Courtney, Cynthia and Mar for a few weeks now and today I thought I’d join them for their link up.

Today’s theme?  Five “Good” Things :) 

(1) MY RUN: I ran this morning for the first time since my 7 miler last Tuesday … yes, that is a very long time between runs for me.  Between Spring Break craziness and this sinus infection, I totally fell off the wagon but I was happy to be back in a routine this morning.

(2) MY RUNNER GIRLS: Even though I felt tight and out of shape after just 9 days off, my girls Geri and Annette were very patient with me when I needed to slow down or even walk because I am still feeling the effects of the weather changes and sickness.  They were both so encouraging and reminded me not to be too hard on myself – after all, we were still up at dark-thirty to run 4 miles, enjoy our coffee time and return home before our families were out of bed! It is these moments that make me most grateful for my Runner Girls!

(3) PUSH UP CHALLENGE: Remember last month when I posted a push up challenge that I was doing with Summer? Well, I did really well for the first half of the month, but then life happened.  Since I’m practicing extending grace to myself as well as others, I’m starting it over this month and I’d love for you to join me! {Click here for a modified option!}

(4) THIS WORKOUT: Okay, in a perfect world I would never post a workout I have not done myself.  However, I have been holding on to this one for nearly two weeks and it’s just too good not to share!

I asked our good friend Shae Simpson to put together a hip and core workout specially designed with runners in mind.  She actually gave us two!  It’s also a great workout if you’re traveling this Easter weekend because it’s short (approximately 15 minutes) and can be modified to use no gym equipment if necessary.

Here’s the first one.  I’m doing it this weekend – so you can help keep me accountable!

Plyometric Cardio Circuit

Mountain Climbers X 30 seconds

Air Squats X 30 seconds

Kettlebell Swings X 30 seconds

Medicine Ball Jumping Jacks X 30 seconds

Rest 90 seconds and repeat circuit 3-4 times (resting between each full circuit.)

You can follow Shae Simpson Fitness on Facebook to see some of her personal workouts as well!

(5) GOOD FRIDAY:  Because you can’t have Easter Sunday without Good Friday.

Wishing you a lovely weekend!  Are you traveling – how far?   We were supposed to travel 3 hours south to spend time with my dad’s family, but unfortunately our own germs have cancelled those plans.  What’s your favorite Easter tradition?  For years before my brother and I had kids, my dad always organized an adult Easter egg hunt that took place at night, in my parent’s house with all the lights out and only a flashlight to guide us … it was hilarious!

What spring races are you training for?  Many of us are running the Carmel Half Marathon or 8K in just two weeks away and the Horse Capital Marathon and Half Marathon is May 16!  Let us know if you’re running either one!

2 thoughts on “Friday Grab Bag: Five Good Things

  1. Sinus infections :(- hope you feel better soon.

    I am heading up to NYC to visit my dad. a little under 4 hour drive.

    I am training for Cherry Blossom next weekend and Zooma Annapolis May 30th

    1. Java & Sole says:

      We’d LOVE to get into the Cherry Blossom next year! I can’t wait to read your recaps on both races – I’ve never heard of the Zooma, but I do love finding out about new races in new locations! Happy running!

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