Friday Grab Bag

Good Afternoon friends!  I have decided that including a Grab Bag in my Friday posts is a great way to kick off the weekend :)

Last night was our large group half marathon and 5K training at church, where several of us are trainers/leaders.  Two weeks ago at training it was snowing … big beautiful snowflakes that looked like the ones you see in the movies … but snowing nonetheless.  Last night it was sunny, warm (enough) and absolutely gorgeous!  I got to put away the hat and gloves and bust out my sunglasses – oh how I have missed running in the sunshine!

But the highlight of the evening came when our fearless leader Jenny, the glue that keeps this crazy group together, was able to join us for the run.  A month or so ago Jenny tweaked something in her knee while doing squats and her doctor advised her to stay off of it for a few weeks while it healed.  Which seemed like an impossible task for Jenny, but rather than risk further injury she listened to her doctor, and to her body, and took a break.

Last night, it was time to go for a test run.  We only went 2 miles so as not to aggravate her knee, or Summer’s newly inflammed IT band, but it was a glorious 2 reunited miles!

Switching gears … kind of …

It is incredibly fun to “do life” with these people!  I first heard that phrase nearly a decade ago when I friend of mine was describing a small group of her and her husbands’ close friends.  I can still remember thinking at the time that it sounded funny.  I mean, does it even make sense?  How do you “do life with” these other people?  How is it different than any other friendship?

Honestly, I still can’t answer most of those questions, but it does feel different.  About a dozen of us just wrapped up a Bible study based on the book She’s Got Issues by Nicole Unice.  And just as the title would suggest, it forced us to realize and face some of our biggest fears, worries, and concerns – our issues.

bible SGI

What on earth does that have to do with running, you ask?  Nothing.  And everything.

People often ask me how to find a good group to run with.  I share with them that many specialty running stores have organized groups and training programs as do local fitness centers and facilities like the YMCA – and those are great places to start a search for a running group and/or accountability partner to train with you.

But I know it’s no accident that I met this unique and inspiring group of women, my Runner Girls, at church :)  God sure does work in mysterious ways … just when I thought I had life pretty much figured out, He knew I was ready to open my eyes to so much more.

bible heart

Nicole’s book truly is “seriously good news for stressed-out, secretly scared control freaks like me.”  She shares her own issues in a “wow, I can’t believe she put that in writing for the whole world to see” kind of way.  Which is what makes her so relatable and encourages you to keep reading :)

Trust me, I’m not the “book review” type – I’m pretty sure this is the first book I’ve read start to finish in 5 years (ahem, since my youngest was born).  But I also thought it was important to share where we’ve been so you know how we got here :)

What are your weekend plans?  Who else is excited we’re only 7 days away from Spring!?! 

Random Grab Bag Question: Orange Leaf or Pinkberry? Favorite Flavors? 

4 thoughts on “Friday Grab Bag

  1. Summer says:

    I puffy heart love my RGs! This book was life changing! oh, Pinkberry fur sure!

    1. Java & Sole says:

      Puffy hearts back :)

  2. Jen says:

    And isn’t awesome that I found our group of accountability partners at church who hooked up with your group! God is awesome!

    1. Java & Sole says:

      Jen you are so right – such a fun group ;)

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