Friday Grab Bag, 3.20.15

Good Morning friends!  It’s another exciting edition of the Friday Grab Bag – and today we’re celebrating a milestone birthday!  (I’m not telling which milestone birthday….but she doesn’t look or run like she’s a day over 25!)

We wrapped up our Bible study based on Nicole Unice’s book She’s Got Issues this morning and got a chance to show Geri how special she is to each one of us.


In case you are wondering what a well-balanced birthday party breakfast looks like, here you go….

happy bdaybfast

Still looking for a great spring full or half marathon to run before temps in the Midwest get out of control??  There’s still time to register for the Horse Capital Marathon or Half Marathon!  It will mark Lexington’s first full marathon in 35 years and boasts a beautiful course passing through more than 40 horse farms.

Enter code JAVASOLE10 at checkout to save 10% on registration for either race!

Finally … THANK YOU (again!) for reading 🙂  In less than 2 months, we’ve had over 4,000 views to our little blog!  Which is amazing and exciting and very humbling.  We all have stories to share, each one with a different beginning and each taking its own twists and turns along the way.  I am honored to be the one sharing these stories with you and incredibly grateful you choose to spend a few moments of your time with us each week 🙂  

Share your weekend plans with us?  Recovery Week?  Long Run?  Anyone traveling for Spring Break??  It happens to be a recovery week in our training plan, so a short run for me!  I plan on enjoying my stay-cation this year by finding fun things to do in town that we can’t seem to fit in during school!


Share your thoughts!