Friday Five: 80’s Throwback

Did you know the 1980’s are trying to take over the world … again?  I distinctly remember looking back on pictures of me with a bad perm and Aquanet bangs thinking, “I am SO glad those trends are behind me.  Definitely never doing that again!”

Fast forward 25 years and that’s exactly where I ended up … only this time will (hopefully) be short-lived.  In today’s Friday Five with Eat, Pray, Run DC  *  Mar on the Run  * and You Signed Up for What?! I’m throwin’ it back to the 80’s!

(1) Boy Meets Girl Meets World … 


Seriously, can we talk about this?  My kids found this on Netflix over Fall Break and it was all I could do not just sit on the couch and watch Cory and Topanga, all grown up guiding their teenage daughter and her best friend through the highs and lows of middle school.  Sound familiar?!  One episode even had a flashback to the original Boy Meets World Series … priceless!

(2) Truly, Truly, Truly Outrageous … Jem!  


Another 80’s flashback my kids found on Netflix once upon a time, effectively getting the theme song stuck in my head for months.  Then I learned they were making a new Jem movie!?!  So when I had to find an 80’s themed costume for a Halloween party, I was all too happy to stash this Jem shirt in my cart!  For the record, hubby is an 80’s tennis player, inspired by Johnny Mac and Jimmy Conners.

(3) The Day I Drove a Circus Train

Okay, clearly I have never really driven a circus train, but when you work at a preschool you have to be ready for anything … including the day the circus comes to town!  The kids paraded around the school dressed up as elephants, zebras, lion tamers, strong (wo)men acrobats, even a tight-rope walker and I got to be the caboose to their parade :)  Confession: I checked the calendar at least a dozen or so times while getting dressed that morning worried I was somehow getting my dates mixed up and I would be the only one “at” the circus that day!

circus train

Parking lot selfie thanks to a friend who needed a pick me up … she needed a laugh and I happened to be wearing my kids dress up clothes to work!  Win – Win :)

(4) Toilet Day 5K: Porta Potty Bling

I have no cute segue from circus to portolet but I know you want to see the Toilet Day 5K medal!


World Toilet Day is officially November 19 but you can run this virtual race whenever you want and help raise money for, an organization that provides clean water and toilets to families around the world.  {Registration is still open!}

(5) Happy Fall Y’all!

Took my crazies to the pumpkin patch last week so we’d have something to carve for the porch.  A great way to spend the end of our break – even if my son was too busy watching the hayride to smile for our selfie :)


Have an amazing weekend enjoying the great outdoors … or Netflix … weather permitting :)

What’s your favorite fall tradition?  Picking our own apples and pumpkins at the orchard then making and eating all the yummy stuff that can be made with apples and pumpkins!

4 thoughts on “Friday Five: 80’s Throwback

  1. Oh I love everything in this Friday five post! I loved Boy meets World but I never watched Jem. You look so cute in your conductor outfit! I literally LOL at the port o potty medal. So creative! Have a great weekend!

    1. Java & Sole says:

      Hi Meranda! The virtual medals are my favorite! They have a “will run for cupcakes” one coming up that I’m probably going to need to earn as well! Thanks for stopping by :)

  2. Since Phineas and Ferb stopped making new episodes, Girl Meets World has become the show for kids that I’ll be most likely to watch even if the kids aren’t watching it with me.

    1. Java & Sole says:

      Yes, I am frequently “caught” watching when I’m supposed to be doing something else – like making dinner! Oooopps!

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