Final Hours Before My First Marathon

Well, it’s all come down to this … this time tomorrow it will be over.  And I’m not sure how I feel about it!  The past several months have been built up with much anticipation.  Am I ready to be able to say “I RAN a marathon” rather than “I’m training for a marathon”?  YES! Am I really going to miss the long training runs?  Yep, I actually am.Don’t get me wrong – I have to continue some of those training miles since I have the Dopey Challenge coming up in 61 days (I mean, who’s counting?) but there’s a special craziness about training for a first marathon that will officially be over tomorrow morning.  This week, I have been super paranoid about pretty much everything!  Every time a preschooler comes to me with a runny nose {which is often this time of year as the weather changes!} I am certain I am getting sick.  Every time I walk, well, anywhere, I am focused on not twisting an ankle or pulling a muscle.  Which sounds ridiculous, but I told you I was paranoid! Managed to make it through my last taper run in tact and with coffee 🙂

And … I’ve completely forgotten how to eat.  Like, knowing I should cut down on my dairy obsession (cheese, yogurt, almond milk) but then packing cheese sticks and yogurt in my lunch box half the week.  Knowing I should eat pasta for dinner one night, then looking at the pasta and feeling disgusted.  Oatmeal?  Bananas? Almond Butter?  And this banana bread a precious co-worker dropped off this morning? Yes … I’ll just eat those for the next few days to be sure 🙂
I made it in and out of the expo today unscathed, but my wallet was a bit lighter.  I splurged on new compression socks to be SURE my calf wouldn’t act up tomorrow.  I mean, dry needling is awesome and all but I would like to not repeat that treatment!Lots of hydrating meant lots of Nuun – at least one a day for the past week – to keep my muscles happy.  And when it’s in a wine glass, really, everybody wins! But this.  This next picture is what has gotten me through these past four months and hundreds of miles.  This picture came up in my “on this day” on Facebook this week and it sums up my training for this marathon pretty well.  Three years ago, I crossed the half marathon finish line of this same race with these two wonderfully amazing women.  Tomorrow we will cross the finish line together again – as marathoners.  This will be Geri’s 5th full, over “many years” as she’ll tell you, and a first for Annette and me.  I don’t know what our race adventure will look like tomorrow, but with these ladies beside me, it’s sure to be EPIC!!      Asking for prayers and well wishes for my entire crew tomorrow – there are several of us running the full or the half who would appreciate it!!  ❤️

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  1. Geri Briskey says:

    Love you Brandi! You got this girl!!! 👍🏻😊❤️

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