Feels Like Spring …. Races Galore!

Sometimes your best efforts in planning just weren’t meant to work out … while this is certainly true in life, it’s also true in the blogosphere.  For example, on Sunday I wrote and scheduled to two posts for Monday and Tuesday of this week.  The week was shaping up to be another busy one so I took full advantage of my “happy little Saturday” and Sunday to do some writing 🙂

Then, this morning, I was checking in with one of my favorite link ups, Tuesdays on the Run.  They are talking about Spring Race Plans – something I am knee deep into right now!  I went to add my scheduled  post to the link up but it wasn’t there – I had accidentally scheduled it for tomorrow!  Perfect – because now I get to share my busy spring race schedule with you allvtoday!

I posted my complete 2016 race schedule {here} last month but when I realized that I had voluntarily signed myself up for 4 half marathons in 10 weeks I sorta panicked.  Now, I know that’s not a lot by some runners’ standards … but I remember balking at the idea of running two halfs in one YEAR not all that long ago.  So this is kind of a big deal for me.

On the other hand, a few of my Runner Girlfriends and I somehow set a goal to achieve the elusive sub-2 hour half marathon this spring.

Photo Feb 02, 10 03 23 AM

Truth. #sub2crew

In theory, it seems like a great idea to run several races close together if you’re already putting in the early {like really, really early} morning miles.  Races always seem to come with a lot of self-induced stress though, so we’ll see how my body, and my sanity, holds up!

This morning we did our first “race pace” run … and survived!

Photo Feb 02, 9 33 22 AM

Sam Costa Half Marathon, March 19 – my first half of the year is race I’ve never run before.  I’m actually using it as one of the long runs on our training plan and am not aiming to hit sub-2 here mostly because I signed up to run this race by myself – something I haven’t done since my first half in 2011.  It’s a silly thing, really, because I love my RG’s and love running with them … I sort of signed up to see if I still remembered how to run solo!  Mostly though, it aligned nicely with our training plan, falls over spring break so many of our RG’s will be gone that weekend anyway (and this will make me stick to the training plan) and is before my kids’ soccer seasons start so I don’t have to worry about scheduling around their games! Price increases March 8 – register {here}.

Carmel Half Marathon, April 16 – this is it.  The first {and frankly, best} chance to attempt that “under 2 hour” goal. It’s a relatively new race, but this will be my 3rd time running the half since the race began 6 years ago.   The course is hillier than you might expect from central Indiana so we’ve added hills to our long training runs but the weather is typically in our favor.  Price increases March 31 – register {here}.

500 Festival Indy Mini Marathon, May 7 – the 40th anniversary of the Indy Mini falls three weeks after Carmel this year.  I was so excited to run this anniversary race, that I signed up to do the 2016 Mega Mini Challenge {the 5K and the half} in May of last year!  Because I am running the 5K first, I hadn’t planned to attempt any personal records at this race … but as a race ambassador for the Indy Mini I am going to have to step up my game! Price increases February 17 – register {here}.

Kentucky Ale Horse Capital Half Marathon, May 21 – just two short weeks after the Mini, we’re taking our 2nd annual Runner Girl Road Trip to Lexington to run with the horses!  This race weaves through nearly 40 horse farms along the most scenic course I’ve ever run.  Last year’s race was a constant downpour for 13.1 miles, and we still managed to have a fantastic time  🙂  The “gentle rolling hills” felt more like mountains to a bunch of girls used to running through our mostly flat city.  No PR’s will be set on this course – it’s all about logging miles with my Runner Girls! Price increases February 29 – register {here}.  Use code BRANDI10 to save 10% on the full or half marathon!

Photo Jan 30, 8 43 20 AM

Here’s to the Sub2Crew and our awesome pacers … just one step at a time!


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