Totally DOPEY Challenge Accepted: Half Marathon

Because all the best movies are made into trilogies, or even a trilogy of trilogies, I made my Dopey Challenge adventures a trilogy too!  Since it’s uber confusing to start a trilogy in the middle, make sure you have read {part one here} first!

Now it’s Saturday morning – time for the half marathon!!! The third race of the weekend, and the first of the Goofy Challenge (completing both the half and full marathon). Back with these girls and ready for day three of our crazy Dopey Challenge.
Character stops started right away with Lightning and Mater Then Jack Skellington and SallyOnce inside Magic Kingdom there were tons!  We “selfied” a few – including Wreck It Ralph, Sully + Mike and Sebastian, but stopped for our favorites (or if the lines were short!)   Gotta stop for royalty 🙂Being able to run through the parks when it was still dark was really fantastic.  Still decorated for Christmas, the castle was stunning!  And the fireworks before each corral start was super fun!PhotoPass photog for the win! His flash might be better than mine 🙂Just past mile 7, we ran right past the parking lot of our resort – so my parents braved the cold (and the early alarm) to come cheer us on!  Aren’t they the best 🙂
The lines for Capt’n Jack are usually REALLY long – we scored a super short line this time!!Heading back to Epcot from MK there aren’t nearly as many characters along the road, which meant more running and less stopping.  See the giant golf ball behind us though?  That means we’re almost finished! But first, Tinkerbell and her friends!Lucky number 13 🙂Channeling the late, great Carrie Fisher – a true Rebel princess. Then a quick shower and to Magic Kingdom to meet up with my family for another full day!Next stop – marathon day!  We have finished three of our four races, but less than half of our total 4-day challenge miles and earned zero challenge medals!  You gotta do 26.2 to earn all the extra bling!  The halfway point in mileage was located at mile 2 of the full marathon the next day.

Find {part three here} because you know the best part of this trilogy just might be the final episode 🙂

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