Do What You Can, With What You Have, Where You Are

Well, the first day back from our Spring Break has come and gone and we’re all still in one piece!  The sickness is mostly gone {hooray!}  and now we have moved on to reacquainting ourselves with alarm clocks and lesson planning and homework and such.  Right now, though, grab your coffee and settle in for a little story time 🙂

Sunday was Easter and it ended up being a glorious day, of course!  My family headed to church and out to lunch with some friends, who are like family, then home for some relaxing, maybe watch some basketball, possibly even a nap??  Nope, it was an Easter egg hunt outside and a scavenger hunt inside to find those elusive Easter baskets!  Silly side-note: My calves are still sore from wearing my favorite nude-colored heels to church that morning (another reason I love my running shoes!)

So often I am the one running around begging the kids to participate in some “super fun family activity” and begging my husband to help hide or find or wrap something.  Being so sick last week, I never had a chance to put together Easter baskets or come up with scavenger hunt clues or figure out what and when and were to hide eggs or even with what to fill them.  I figured no one would notice if we didn’t do any of those things – in fact, they might be relieved!


As it turned out, they were excited for these traditions!  So after lunch, I came home to pull some unopened packages of stickers out of a craft bin and cut them into smaller sheets, distributing them along with some coins from our change jar into the eggs for my husband to hide.  I had already picked up a few clothing items for their baskets this year and was incredibly grateful that a good friend had gifted me a couple bags of dye-free jellybeans just days before because she knows us too well!  Thanks to my love of Dr. Seuss, I knocked out 3 rhyming clues for each kid and hid their baskets before they finished hunting eggs.  And guess what?  They had a great time!  They loved their egg hunt, they loved having their own scavenger hunt clues and they loved keeping our traditions.  I learned the secret to any kids’ happiness could possibly be found in stickers, loose change and jellybeans 🙂

The moral of my Easter weekend story is this: sometimes the best plans are the ones we didn’t make.  Remember, recovering Type A personality here … so this is way out of my comfort zone 🙂  But really? Yes.  Sometimes the best plans are the ones we didn’t make.

Truly, this is a lesson I have learned many times before but sometimes it is good to have a fresh reminder.  The same can and should apply to our training plans and preparations.  For example, this morning I was really looking forward to meeting a couple of my Runner Girls for our last long run before our first half marathon of the year less than two weeks away now!  I was actually excited to get up earlier than dark-thirty to get 8 miles in before we each had to be home!!  Unfortunately, we woke up to rain, with more rain on the way and a severe thunderstorm warning.  I don’t mind running in the rain, but I was not about to get caught in a severe thunderstorm for 8 miles!  Yikes!

Instead of a long run today, I will make time this evening to so some extra stretching and light strength training, like this workout I posted on Friday!  With many spring races just around the corner, try not to get caught up in what you can’t control – like the weather or your busy work and family schedule or even a nagging injury.  Try to focus on what you CAN control – when you can run, when you can cross-train, and when you can rest!

Theodore Roosevelt said it best:


Happy Training!


2 thoughts on “Do What You Can, With What You Have, Where You Are

  1. Summer says:

    I love this B, thank you!!!!

    1. Java & Sole says:

      As Team Misfit RG keeps growing, it felt like a good reminder for ALL of us given so many changes in our training schedules this year compared to past years 🙂

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