Disney Anniversary Bling: Silver Shimmer & Shine

I have so many marathon training updates, I hardly know where to begin … let’s just start with the fact that I’m carb-loading for a 21 miler tomorrow and taking suggestions!  My favorite go-to’s for my recent 18 and 15 milers have been Greek yogurt topped with oatmeal protein bites, blueberries and butterscotch & chocolate chips!  OH SO GOOD!  And already looking forward to my almond butter + oatmeal for dinner 🙂 So excited to share the joys and excruciating frustration that is training for my first marathon … soon … because all my focus got completely redirected this week when I saw the Disney Marathon Weekend medals had been released on Wednesday!!!!My attention, rightfully so I think, has been so concentrated on my first marathon November 4 that the Dopey Challenge has sort of taken a backseat.  I mean, what’s more stressful than training for your first-ever marathon with the constant barrage of self-doubt and fear of even the slightest injury doing almost anything? Remembering you signed up for your second-ever marathon two months later on the heels of three additional races in the three days preceding that second marathon.  Hakuna Matata, right?? Sooooooo ….  You might be able to imagine the swelling feeling of anticipated excitement I had Wednesday afternoon while I was checking email after work and saw a runDisney email teasing “serious silver and more!”   Some of my race medals mean more than others – and the story behind the race ALWAYS determines the “weight” of the medal. I imagine that all four races {six total medals, including Challenges} I will earn during Marathon Weekend will surely come with their own adventures.  Still looking for costume suggestions – hit me with your favorite Disney character for ideas.  Bonus points if you have running-appropriate costume ideas too!! Thanks for letting me add a little bling to your Friday 🙂

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