D.I.D Winners + A Strawberry Moon and Service Fun

First, the winners of our Declare It Day Giveaway!!!  Congratulations to Melissa G. and Lindsey H. for posting their DID goals on our Facebook and Twitter pages respectively 🙂  Be thinking about where you want to hang those goals ladies!

So of course it’s no secret that we love to run!  And you may have even guessed that we love our coffee time as much as (okay, more!) than our running time.  With all this time to chat, we often find out about needs in our community, nearby city or causes near and dear to another Runner Girl’s heart.  For the past few years, we have made it a point to try to contribute as a group whenever possible.

giving exercise

Two years ago we did a virtual run for a little guy named Adler who loved super heroes and told us that “stripes made him brave.”  We all pitched in some of our favorite super hero finds and sent Adler (and his mom) a care package to brighten their day!

strawberry moon collage13

I had never participated in a virtual run before – but the concept is fantastic!  They are “races” you can run at any pace or location as long as it’s within the time frame of the race set up.  This particular race for Adler could be run any time during the specific week of June 2013 when there would be a Full Strawberry Moon.

strawberry moon13

This race was organized by Moon Joggers, on online running community numbering in the thousands, who try to log enough miles collectively each year to reach the moon.  Each of us elected not to receive a medal, therefore allowing our entire registration fee to be donated to Adler and his family.

So we found some striped socks and began our virtual 10K around town!

strawberry moon13 run

Last year we had fun gathering items once for the local women and children’s shelter and also for some dear family friends of one of our Runner Girls who are still praying for a cure for childhood cancer.

success others

Just two weeks ago we put together 100 care packages for a homeless shelter downtown.  During the winter months, the shelter encourages men and women who don’t typically utilize the sleeping facilities to stay overnight in the shelter gymnasium to allow them to escape from the bitter Midwestern cold.  As they prepare to leave in the morning, shelter workers and volunteers offer these people a baggie containing hygiene items such as toothbrush, toothpaste, comb or brush and wet wipes.


Unbeknownst to us, our training group was also planning an outreach mission!  For the very first time, we will be collecting new tennis shoes and socks for middle school and high school aged students in a local, underfunded school district.  I truly love the idea of kids being able to fully experience a love of running and athletics simply by receiving a pair of properly fitting shoes and new comfy socks!


Have you ever participated in a virtual run?  How far?

What is something you love to do for others?

3 thoughts on “D.I.D Winners + A Strawberry Moon and Service Fun

  1. Summer says:

    Yay, love this B!!!! Great memories here!

  2. Abby Butts says:

    Such an awesome way to use your friendship and miles to benefit others!

    1. Java & Sole says:

      Giving back is good for the soul – and it’s always easy to find great causes to donate to here locally!

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