Coffee Time, Down Time, Running Time

It’s March 1! Spring is in the air, no doubt, because suddenly our weekends are getting busier and our long runs are getting longer. Photo Feb 27, 7 49 09 PMWe started the weekend with a rare Runner Girls Night Out!  Photo Feb 26, 6 07 35 PMSo blessed by the wonderful friendships I’ve gained through running!  Photo Feb 27, 7 45 46 PMOf course they all look gorgeous here!  However, I’m still so grateful they tolerate the selfie stick at dark-thirty as well 🙂Photo Feb 27, 7 48 21 PMWe were in a recovery week, so our mileage dropped back to 6 on Saturday.  Thank Goodness!  After a rich meal out, some ice cream and a glass of wine to two – I wasn’t exactly excited about including speed drills into our run.  Don’t get me wrong … I actually love speed drills.  Just a lot less after girls night.  Photo Feb 27, 8 40 49 AM2 mile warm up, 2 miles intervals, 2 mile cool down.  Done!Photo Feb 27, 10 43 01 AMBoth my daughters’ had major projects they’d been working on for a couple weeks and turned in the day before, so the rest of Saturday was a celebration of sorts – out to brunch and then to the paint your own pottery studio.  Our favorite kind of day! Photo Feb 27, 1 20 18 PM Rehydrating with one of my favorite Nuun flavors – Watermelon!  Recently reformulated with all clean and natural ingredients, certified vegan and gluten-free the Watermelon Active and new Mango Orange Energy are my current go-to’s.

The color-coordinating Minnie Mouse shoes are just a bonus – reminiscing about my first runDisney race two years ago!

Note to self: figure out how to coordinate next runDisney race!!
Photo Feb 27, 12 15 32 PM

Linking up with my friend Marcia for Tuesdays on the Run!

Favorite way to spend your down time? 

Do you love drinking water?  Do you flavor it to make it more appealing? I aim for 100 oz/day. and usually get there.  I fill my 24 oz tumbler 4 times then make sure to have a little extra water with dinner.  One of those refills is almost always a Nuun – Active or Energy on days I run in the morning; and All Day or U Natural on days I’m not up at dark thirty 🙂  Hydration is KEY for me during training 🙂

3 thoughts on “Coffee Time, Down Time, Running Time

  1. I love the watermelon flavor. I need to get some more of that. I wish I had a girl’s running group. I haven’t found one since I’ve moved back home last yr. That brunch looks delicious. I bet that hit the spot after a tough workout.

  2. LaChicaRuns says:

    Is running considered down time? If not, then it’s fishing. We camp a lot in the summer and try to squeeze in some fishing in our canoe. Always a fun time.
    As for water, not nearly enough. I do flavor it sometimes but for running I often end up mixing half Gatorade with half water.

  3. If I’m not running, I want to be reading. I use nuun with extra water as my go to water choice. Since I don’t need the electrolytes if I’m working (and I’m not a fan of nuun all day), I just use half the amount of nuun and the water has just enough flavor to be yummy.

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