Coffee & Football

Today is National Coffee Day?!  Okay, every day may as well be Coffee Day for us … this morning we celebrated with speed drills 🙂 We really know how to party!

9.28 coffee

For the most part, I am a morningonly coffee person.  But last night I found myself brewing coffee and making dinner at the same time.

9.28 owl mug

This is normally the result of a super-early long run, but yesterday it was my last ditch effort to survive the Monday following a super-fun road trip weekend with friends.


A couple years ago, my husband and I discussed how fun it would be to travel to some of our beloved Indianapolis Colts’ away games.  Nearly two-thirds of the other 30 NFL stadiums are a reasonable driving distance from Indy … and we do love a great reason for a road trip 🙂


{Tangent: DH told me “no one” wanted me to bring the selfie stick … so it didn’t make the trip.  First thing Brooke asked when we got to Nashville … where’s the selfie stick?  And that’s why DH got stuck in the back of this picture 🙂 }

We kicked off our stadium tour last year when I somehow convinced Hubby to fly to Denver for the Colts-Broncos game {and to see Peyton!} on NFL Opening Weekend then followed it up with a quick trip to Cleveland in December.  Our Boys in Blue were in Nashville Sunday, and we were hoping for a Music City Miracle win of our own.


We explored downtown Nashville for a bit before heading to dinner at M.L. Rose, a delicious local burger joint {loved that owl on the bike!  Hooty Hoo!} …

nash mlrose

… then over to The Sutler for some live music.  Four very talented songwriters acoustically performed some of their own work that had been recorded by artists like Luke Bryan, Brad Paisley and Miley Cyrus (before she started twerking).

nash sutler nash sutler2

The next day, we got to Nissan Stadium plenty early!  I could see my fellow RG football fan Amy from our seats {we got a better outcome than the game last week!} and found out a fellow Mini Marathon Ambassador was at the game as well!  Certainly lots of Colts fans in Music City on Sunday!


Luckily, we all left happy after the Colts {somehow} pulled out a win!  


Most recent road trip?  Do you plan out all of your stops/activities or do you like to “wing it”?  This trip was sort of a hybrid – we had some unplanned time to explore Nashville, had narrowed it down to a few different options for dinner and a show then planned to spend Sunday at the stadium.

Do you Uber?  We all had our first Uber experience!  I will say, it was nice to have the boys with us – but it honestly couldn’t have been easier! I will be Ubering (I think I just made that a verb?!) again!

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