TOLT: Togetherness

I was blessed to grow up in a family that enjoyed doing pretty much everything together.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I often failed to see the blessing in all of that togetherness when I was younger 🙂  But as my children continue to age faster than the speed of light, I am only beginning to understand how very valuable these moments we spend together truly are.  Photo Mar 27, 12 23 31 PMSpring Break meant spending a week on my favorite island with my husband, my kids and my parents.  Hilton Head Island is like a home away from home for me since my family’s been vacationing there for nearly 30 years.  {Holy Smokes that makes me sound old … oh, wait … }Photo Mar 30, 7 07 49 PMWe thought making the trip in two days would allow us more time on the beach … in actuality, it caused us to sit in traffic longer.  Spring Break coupled with Easter apparently makes for a popular weekend to travel.  Who Knew?!?  But the coffee at our hotel stop was a little sassy, so that made me smile 🙂Photo Mar 25, 8 56 56 AMI was fortunate to find a 10K/5K on the Island the day after arrived, so on my first official morning of vacation my mom and I headed to the other side of the island for the first ever Sandalwood Run for Hunger.  Photo Mar 26, 7 40 00 AMAt the promise of coffee after the race, she decided to join me!  Plus, the course boasted sandy beaches, wooded trails and roadways – what’s not to love?  Photo Mar 26, 9 03 32 AMPhoto Mar 26, 8 59 01 AMI was signed up for the 10K but missed the start (that can happen when there’s only 40 people signed up for that distance) so I ended up run/walking the 5K with my mom.  Which ended up being a completely wonderful way to catch up after several busy weeks and lots of potential changes on the horizon.
Photo Mar 26, 9 14 12 AMPlus, one of the post-race treats was a bison burger slider from a local food truck! It was divine – even at 10:30am!Photo Mar 26, 9 45 35 AMOh, and coffee … of course! Photo Mar 26, 11 18 58 AMWe enjoyed our first sunrise service on the beach, despite rain before and after.  It was such a great experience to celebrate Easter outside surrounded by God’s great creation.  Photo Mar 27, 10 50 04 AMGot to see more of God’s creatures and creations up close and personal throughout the week – like this gator and his friends who live in the lagoon near the beach. Photo Mar 28, 12 48 22 PMThe beach was especially windy at the beginning of the week – but that didn’t stop us from enjoying the ocean view!Photo Mar 30, 11 51 53 AMAnd playing in the sand!Photo Mar 31, 11 35 58 AMThe kids even begged to climb the 114 steps to the top of the lighthouse – this year I think they may have actually run the entire way to the top!  That totally counted as my workout that day!Photo Apr 01, 3 30 39 PMSuch a fun week of unplugging and refocusing – I’m excited to share my ramblings with Amanda for Thinking Out Loud Thursday!
Photo Mar 29, 11 14 21 AM
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