Bundled in Pink

12.10.14A snowy run at dark thirty! #coffeebreak ##quiettime #footprintsinthesnow #runnergirls #sub2crew

I tweeted this picture earlier today with the above caption and hashtags and moments later, one reader wanted to know …Photo Feb 25, 1 38 45 PM“omg where do you get your motivation?”  

I’ll be honest, that’s a question I get a lot.  And the truth is, the answer changes almost daily.  The most important ones never change –  instilling in my children the significance of being and staying healthy (not skinny, but truly healthy) along with the importance of finding a stress-relieving activity you enjoy and, if you’re really lucky, sharing that activity with people you enjoy spending time with!

But the everyday ones, the ones that are honestly most likely to get me out of bed, change often.  Last week, it was overcoming a huge personal mental block.  Tuesday it was pushing through a recovery run while still very sore.  Wednesday it was because I knew I had a friend waiting on me at the gym.

Today it was partially this: 12733399_10206670052363586_9102502437233637556_nYep.  I’m a sucker for snowy run days!  Summer posted this picture, along with an invite to run this morning, and I was all in!

As we were ordering our coffee after our run, we realized that all 6 of us were dressed nearly identically.  That’s a sure-fire sign you may spend too much time together 🙂 Photo Feb 25, 5 49 28 AMBut today was also about a woman I barely know, and have never met in person.  She’s a fellow member of the Fellow Flowers Crew, avid runner and fantastic motivator who’s handling a personal challenge with such grace.  In that sense, she reminded me of how my mom bravely faced her own battle with breast cancer 6 years ago … and won {if remission is winning}.

So when I’m not sure I can finish another grueling training run, or that I even want to try, I remember to be grateful for the simple ability to run.  I run because I get to.Photo Feb 25, 12 13 13 PMWhere do you find your motivation? 

Ever find yourself matching the person next to you? Hilarious or Horrified when it happened??

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5 thoughts on “Bundled in Pink

  1. Summer says:

    hilarious awesome #twinning 🙂

  2. Jeani says:

    Loved this post! It brought a smile! You inspire me too….everyday!!

    1. Java & Sole says:

      Thanks Mom 🙂 Love you!

  3. Jen says:

    Yes Emily and I would accidentally twin all the time! Even in races! You girls are my morning run mojo!

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