Better Late Than Never!

Hello again friends!  I’m still playing catch up from a fun weekend of travel and celebration (I frequently feel like I need a vacation from my vacation!) but I didn’t want to forget to share some other favorites with you.

Last week I finally connected with our Declare It Day winner, Jenny, to deliver her prize pack from our generous friends at Fellow Flowers!  Congratulations Jenny!


Want to know what Jenny did to enter the Fellow Flowers giveaway? Check this out!  After Jenny posted this picture of her new shirt and flower, I wanted to share the FF love too!


By the way, anyone recognize that flower?  It’s the same /turquoise/ flower I wore during the Carmel Half Marathon two weeks ago! I can’t wait until we can race in them together 🙂


Switching gears … it was my little man’s turn to bring snack in for his preschool class.  And what preschooler can turn down brownies covered in TJ’s Cookie Butter?  That’s right … not one!  Smothering Cookie Butter over warm brownies definitely adds extra “YUM!”


Don’t worry, I made sure to balance all that sugar with a healthier lunch at McAlister’s – one of my favorites!  Of course I love meeting my husband or friends for a kid-free lunch when we can swing it (which rare) but I really love having an excuse to dine alone in the middle of a crazy day.

This is what accompanies 30 minutes of peace and quiet: Savannah Chopped Salad, Veggie Spud and Sweet Tea!


And then there were selfies.

I love to take group photos (with my family, with my friends, obviously with my Runner Girls!) but I really, really don’t like to take selfies.  I usually attempt one here or there, but I don’t like the way it turns out so I delete it.

I showed up at my hair salon a couple minutes early last Thursday (accidental excellent timing since we left for the wedding weekend on Friday!) and snapped this one before going inside. Progress 🙂


And yes, I do wear that hat at least once a week – it’s my favorite!  Go Colts!

Do you like to dine out alone sometimes? Yes!  Sometimes I take a book or listen to music, but usually I just do some people watching.  Have you mastered the art of selfies?  What are your best tips???

2 thoughts on “Better Late Than Never!

  1. Summer says:

    Are you kidding me with those phenomenal brownies!!!???? I puffy heart love borwnies but add cookie butter and wow, whole different level!!! Wish I could have joined you for that fabulous looking lunch, oh but you did say you like an alone meal here and there, ha ha

    1. Java & Sole says:

      Yep, I just made brownies even more dangerous…and I didn’t even know that was possible! You are ALWAYS welcome to join me for lunch! Let’s get that on the calendar!

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