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Sometimes I think I thrive on a busy schedule, other times I am certain the busyness will paralyze me!  Last week was a little bit of both – and especially exciting with so many things happening at once!  I had the chance to visit and review a new fitness facility nearby, write a couple of guest posts and continue my role as an Indy Mini Ambassador Not to mention editing a book and hanging with dozens of cute preschoolers during the day :)


Full Disclosure: I wrote the above intro to this post on October 11.  I have not overlooked the irony of completing a post about busyness more than 2 weeks after I started it.  Sure I have published other posts during that time, including guests posts for Fitful Focus {here} and the Indianapolis Monumental Marathon Blog {here}.  But for some reason this one keeps getting pushed to the back of the line … until today! 

I have already referenced the epic 15 miler we completed earlier this month {here}.  It was my longest run to date. I boldly worked it into our training plan in May in hopes of breaking through the massive wall of self-doubt I stumble upon during Mile 11 of nearly every half marathon I have ever run.  And it better work on race day!!  But even if it doesn’t, it definitely goes down in the books as what my dad would call a “character building exercise” :) 

WatL group1

What I didn’t account for a 5K the night before.  Mallow Run Winery hosts Wine at the Line 5 mile/5K every fall through a scenic countryside that includes the Mallow Run vineyards.  It has become somewhat of a tradition with my college girlfriends and this year was no exception.  Not wanting to miss on out the fun, I told my girlfriends I planned to walk the 5K so my legs were well rested for the next day.  But of course, my competitive nature took over as soon as the race started and I ended up running the entire thing at race pace.

WatL group2

Our girls night was complete with celebratory wine at the finish line followed by dinner.  Then it was time to head home and rest up for … the 15 miler.  

WatL wine

The first 10 miles went fairly quickly.  The weather was quite cooperative that day, gifting us with cooler temperatures and little wind.  Somewhere around mile 11 (cue mental block) my legs started to tighten up and my doubts started to surface.  Blessed to be surrounded by the much more positive conversation of my Crazy Runner Girls and with the benefit of a couple quick stretch breaks, I continued to push through.

My watch beeped at mile 13.  Only two more miles to go.  Only 20 minutes away from coffee time.  No problem – I got this!

Except I didn’t.  Not really.  Maybe it was the raw emotion of realizing I had just surpassed my previous longest recorded distance.  Maybe it was fatigue from getting up so early to start this run.  Maybe it was just my body’s way of expressing the shock (and apparent distaste) for this new distance.

Whatever the reason, by mile 14 I was absolutely certain that my legs were going to fall off.  Fatigued is an understatement.  As I shuffled my way through that last mile, I remember wondering out loud to myself, “what on earth were we thinking?!”  

To which Summer responded “WE???  This was YOUR idea!” :)


Summer is no stranger to longer miles, having trained for two marathons.  For Annette, Amy, Melissa and I that day goes down as our first distance greater than 13.1 miles.  Was I exhausted the rest of the day? Of course.  Was I sore for a week?  Naturally.  Will I do it again in preparation for my next big race?  Absolutely.


Actually, I can think of no better way to train for 500 Festival Indy Mini’s NEW Mega Mini Challenge.  By taking the Mega Mini Challenge, I will get to run the Finish Line 500 Festival 5K and the OneAmerica 500 Festival Mini Marathon on race day!

I’d love for you to join me at the 40th Anniversary of the Indy Mini and to celebrate the 100th Running of the Indy 500 later that same month.  Indy knows how to throw a party and these are two celebrations you do not want to miss!

Register {here} today to join me for the 2016 Indy Mini and select me, Brandi Wolf, as your Race Ambassador during checkout!


What the longest distance you have run/walked/biked? 

What are your secrets to maintaining your endurance (and motivation) during a tough workout? 

What’s next on your race calendar?? Indianapolis Monumental Half Marathon – a beautiful place to set your pace :) The uber-popular marathon is sold out but spots remain for the half marathon, 5K and Kids Fun Run!  {register here}

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  1. Summer says:

    Im such a flibbertyjibbit..I tear up at at least half of your blog posts. Love ya B :)

    1. Java & Sole says:

      aww :) that’s because you have such a big heart … and because you’re awesome!

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