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Welcome to Java & Sole!  This space exists to motivate, encourage and inspire others to go after those goals they’ve deemed “impossible” in the past.  I am thrilled to share my crazy runner girls and our adventures with you.

Things you should know about me: I love Jesus, my family, all things fall {especially football} and caffeine!  I am also a self-proclaimed “recovering Type-A” personality who is still trying to figure out how to let go and let God most of the time.

My best running friends and I are just a group of women … with kids of all ages, working full time or part time outside our homes in addition to all of our regular mom duties … who found each other through running.

Most of us met through a half marathon training program at a local church; others are neighbors and friends invited to join this crazy group of friends who run at “dark-thirty” in the morning.  That’s right, because anyone can run in the daylight, it takes a special kind of runner girl to log most of her miles well before sunrise!  Truthfully though, with a husband and three children of my own, I have found that it’s literally the only time of day that no one else needs me.running friends

We love to dress up or create matching outfits for races (though sometimes that happens on accident!)  We are on a first name basis with the baristas in our local coffee shop but are mostly unrecognizable to them with hair done and make up on.  And you don’t have to tell me twice how lucky I am to have found these women to support and encourage me through it all.  Most mornings I would not be motivated to drag myself out of bed at dark-thirty to go for a run if it weren’t for the girls waiting for me in that parking lot.  And the coffee.  Don’t forget the coffee! 🙂

Whether you are a fitness fanatic, new to exercise or just looking for a good laugh I’m so glad you found Java & Sole.  Take a look around to see what we’re planning next…and drop me a line in the comments or via email to let me know what you thought:

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