A Weekend of Running: Declare It Day + Race Recap

Hooray for February!  More daylight, more sunshine, more smiles {from me, anyway!}  Just another day at the gym …Hopefully it’s a good sign when your electrolyte supplement matches your hat and shirt!  Definitely a lemon-lime kind of day 😉Three years ago, I was introduced to the anticipation and boldness of Declare It Day.  It quickly made the first Saturday in February one of my favorite days and delivered an opportunity to nail down some serious goals for the upcoming year.  Not resolutions or wishes … those things are fun too.  Nope, these goals – these declarations – were not spur-of-the-moment plans made at midnight, but thoughtfully considered.  Realistic enough to be met, but big enough to be {sometimes ridiculously} scary! I have to be honest, my declarations for this year are so intimidating that I haven’t even written them down yet … but it will happen this weekend and you will know as soon as I do! 🙂 So Declare It Day festivities included a run followed by a coffee-time reunion and a quick goal-setting session.  The next day was a race I, quite frankly, forgot I had signed up for!  Race entry was free with canned goods donation to benefit the local food pantry and it was practically in my backyard.  I remember thinking that a 7 miler would be a stretch considering I hadn’t run more than 4 since my half in early November.  But it was Free!  And Close!  So I *had* to sign up 🙂  So very very happy I have some friends who also like to run free races on Super Bowl Sunday!Awfully intimidated by the mileage, but determined to make the most out of an absolutely perfect February day – seriously, it was maybe 50’s and sunny for the midday start – I decided to run the first 3.5 miles and run/walk as needed for the second half.  Katie and Renee paced me to a 9:30 min/mile first half and I did indeed run/walk the second half and still finished with a 9:45 overall pace!  
No doubt surprised by my end result, I owe it all to those girls for setting the pace early and to the Good Lord for providing us with perfect running conditions! Feeling that much better about my next race on February 18.  Join me downtown Indy for a 5 mile or 5K or BOTH!  Start times are staggered so the 5k starts at 8:30 am and the 5 miler at 9:15 am giving you the opportunity to run both to receive “The Bear” designation 🙂 Shirts, hats and fuzzy medals to all finishers plus these great glass mugs for age group awards – can’t beat that!  I recently shared with a friend some of the ways that have helped me reduce some of my stress.  Initially I told her a glass of wine or a run or yoga were usually my best bet … but then I decided a run immediately followed by a glass of wine with yoga might actually be the secret to success!?  Either way, our regular Wednesday night yoga dates with some of my favorites are good for my heart and my mind.  {Picture stolen … I mean borrowed … from my BRF’s Instagram!}

3 thoughts on “A Weekend of Running: Declare It Day + Race Recap

  1. Summer says:

    My heart is bursting with joy that I see a J&S post woot woot, love this B!!! All of it!!!!

    1. Java & Sole says:

      Thank you sweet friend – trying to get back into some sort of regular routine over here 🙂

    2. Java & Sole says:

      Learning to balance – trying to sort it all out 🙂

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