A Happy Little Saturday

I am an over-scheduler.  I have a love/hate relationship with staying busy … I like to “do stuff” {as I tell my husband all the time} but I also hate feeling like I never have time to catch up at home.  This usually results in me “doing stuff” anyway, then feeling super guilty when I get home and the laundry baskets are overflowing yet again, the kitchen’s a mess and the bathrooms are in desperate need of a deep clean.

Saturday was a different story.  For once we had no where to be.  Nothing on the calendar.  No plans for the entire weekend … which meant my Saturday morning run (and post-run coffee) would be a little more relaxing!

We met at a local park to run the hills since our typical routes offer nothing that even resembles an elevation change outside of the interstate overpass we try desperately to avoid! Photo Jan 30, 8 01 31 AMOur selfie-game was off all day.  We tried multiple times after our run to get a decent picture to document our 6 miler …Photo Jan 30, 8 41 55 AMBut parts of heads and faces kept getting cut off 🙁  I blame the hills. Photo Jan 30, 5 21 20 PMIn the end a very kind woman, who was no doubt laughing at us the entire time, got out of her car to put us out of our misery.Photo Jan 30, 8 43 20 AMAnd I love this one!  Thank you kind lady – I hope our ridiculousness somehow brightened your day!

Oh, and while I was searching for Summer’s keys in my FlipBelt, apparently this was happening on my phone … Photo Jan 30, 8 44 57 AMBack to Starbucks to celebrate Melissa’s birthday! Who doesn’t love cupcakes topped with Reese’s hearts??  Photo Jan 30, 3 22 52 PMSure I had to rehydrate while sorting, folding and putting away laundry.  But my Tri-Berry Nuun + a pretty straw cup actually made those chores a little more manageable.  Photo Jan 30, 4 07 09 PMFinally, I completed a 3o Day Plank a Day Challenge yesterday after my run and celebrated by taking my first ever planking-selfie, then posting this picture to the Challenge page while still planking!  Planking for 2 minutes is already a challenge – trying to do it on one arm is just silly.  But whatever – it’s done!  Photo Jan 30, 12 58 47 PMHow did you spend your weekend?  Hopefully outside enjoying this incredibly warm (for January!) weather 🙂

2 thoughts on “A Happy Little Saturday

  1. Summer says:

    Love this title, it sure was a happy little Saturday! ♥

    1. Java & Sole says:

      Sure was … looking forward to a couple more of these before the craziness of spring hits us!

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