Weekend Update: 12 miles + Colts 5K Race Recap

It’s safe to say I started my weekend on a ridiculous runner’s high!  Thanks to our kids’ busy weekend schedules and a local 5K, a few of us decided to get our weekend long run in Friday morning.

12 miles.  At ludicrous dark thirty.  Yes, we know we are crazy, but I can’t imagine it any other way 🙂


We broke it up into 4 mile loops to allow ourselves a water/refuel stop and maybe pick up anyone wanting to log less miles on Friday morning.

The first 4 miles felt amazing.  The weather was cooler, high 50’s when we started, my legs felt great and our pace was deceptively fast.  Due to the Friday long run and Saturday morning 5k, I took Wednesday and Thursday as complete rest days.  I got plenty of sleep, lots of stretching and no extra workouts — I was honestly dreading the ludicrous dark thirty alarm all week, so I think those were conscious (or subconscious) decisions to make the most of what I assumed would be a bad situation.

The next 4 miles were ever so slightly slower, and my legs started to tighten up a little.  The cooler weather made all the difference; on  a hotter morning I would have been complaining … a lot!  On our final 4 my legs started to feel fatigued, but not enough to slow us down.  We did take 2 or 3 one minute walk/stretch breaks during the final loop and I still had enough gas in my tank to speed up during the final half mile … because I like to finish strong? Maybe.  But mostly because, once I see the finish line (or can smell my coffee brewing) , I am ready to be finished.  And the fastest way to the finish line (coffee) is to speed up, right!?


Looking to maintain this pace for the Indy Women’s Half next month, and possibly replace my current PR {2:11:10} with a new one.

The sense of accomplishment and awe (because I never imagined 12 miles on a weekday was even possible let alone enjoyable) had me almost floating through work that day.  Once the classroom was all packed away, I picked up Summer and we made our way to our beloved Indianapolis Colts pro shop to pick up our packets for the 3rd Annual Colts Back to Football 5K.


The race nearly doubled in size from last year, boasting 4,300 participants this year, but we still have no idea why we had to wait in line to pick up packets for nearly 50 minutes!

2nd Annual Packet Pick-up Shenanigans picture 🙂


My daughters and I met Summer and her son downtown just before the race started.  Though neither of my girls officially “trained” to run 3.1 miles, they are pretty good shape thanks to soccer and tennis.  And, despite the alarm going off much earlier than they would have liked, they were pretty excited to run a race with mama … especially one that finished on the 50 yard line of Lucas Oil Stadium!

J was excited for a different reason 🙂
Colts 5K J

Getting ready to run …

Colts 5K SJ LOS



We made it!  These girls and I finished in 46 minutes … they are extra sweaty because they sprinted out the tunnel and to the finish line just.like.their.mama.  So proud!  {I was behind them; trust me, sprinting was not at all my idea!  They took off out of the tunnel and didn’t look back until they crossed the timing pad.}

Colts5K Finish Line

And these rock stars finished in 33 minutes!

Colts5K SJ

I love football.  I love my Colts.  And I love running.  But I loved, loved, loved spending Saturday morning with my little runner girls!

Colts5K Horseshoe
Share your favorite thing about your weekend?  Raising Runner Girls

What are two otherwise unrelated things you love to combine? Running and Football!

4 thoughts on “Weekend Update: 12 miles + Colts 5K Race Recap

  1. Summer says:

    Yeah I kind of LOVE this one 🙂 Great time with a great friend! Love ya B!!!!!!

    1. Java & Sole says:

      Agreed – it doesn’t hurt that I sucked you into my football vortex last year and you’ll never see the months of August – February the same again!! <3

  2. Jeani says:

    What a special post, Brandi! I love the special memories you are making sharing your special passion with the girls!

    1. Java & Sole says:

      We all had such a great time! I was so happy to hear them ask when they could race again – you better get ready, they are official runner girls now!! 🙂

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